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    Manage your expenses easily.

    NumReceipt is a receipt tracker / scanner app designed for
    storing personal/business receipts.

    Expense Manager


    Store your receipts in a minute

    PDF/XLS Report

    PDF/XLS Report

    Generates your report into

    PDF/XLS Format.

    OCR Scanner


    Automatic Tagging by

    OCR/GPS point.

    Automatic Exchange Rate

    Automatic Exchange Rate

    Exchange rate calculated


    Cloud Storage Data Backup

    Data Backup

    Backups your data to your

    favorite cloud services.

    Business Miles Tracker

    Business Miles

    Tracks Business miles for

    tax reimbursement.

    Advanced Search

    Advanced Search

    Search by Retailer,Category,

    Notes and many more.

    How it works


    Find the best plan suitable for you


    Watch our video and see how it works.

    NumReceipt Video

    Have you ever thought of storing your receipt and having expenses list at fingertips? Numreceipt makes it a reality for you... with both web and mobile presence.


    Loved by our customers

    NumRecipt client

    John Napoli

    on GooglePlay

    Very good app This is a very good app. OCR quality has been greatly improved. I also like being able to upload receipts to the website. The graphs are also very useful and informative. Over all, I believe this is my favorite receipt and expense tracking app.

    NumReceipt client

    Matt vroman

    on GooglePlay

    Best small business app Keeps me from searching for scraps of paper and makes month-end p&l as easy as downloading the report and sorting the cost categories.

    NumReceipt client

    O.R. SIRI

    on GooglePlay

    Great app, it helps me when I'm on the road, my wife can keep up with my expenses and makes it easy to to do taxes at the end of month

    NumReceipt client

    Randy Pierce

    on GooglePlay

    I love how this app saves and stores my receipts in order for me to keep track of where my spending is to keep my monthly budget in order.

    NumReceipt client

    Ted Lewis

    on GooglePlay

    Great way of saving... This App is one easy method of keeping track of what you are trying not to do, over much do we actual you can see for yourself...I have already recommended this App to three friends... helps you realize where you need to save!!! 450 receipts and going strong... Its great to be able to look back and see where you need to stop...

    NumReceipt client

    Herlyn Tobar

    on GooglePlay

    Updating my review from 3 stars to 5Stars... since they responded quickly to my old review and gave me a solution to my problem... OLD REVIEW: Its easy and user friendly, but i would give it 5 stars if you were able to edit or delete the sub category after you add it but don't want it or need it no more.

    NumReceipt client

    Kathlyn Hardin

    on GooglePlay

    Love it! This is an easy to use app and I love that I can also work on the website on my computer. It seamlessly syncs between app on my phone and the website. I lost many receipts on a different app when I changed phones. Thank you for making a great app/website!

    NumReceipt client

    Katie Hale

    on GooglePlay

    Everyday Tool I use this app everyday to track receipts and expenses. I also keep a budget and cash flow statement monthly, which this app helps me maintain accurately. So glad there is an app for this!

    NumReceipt client

    Miguel Estrada

    on GooglePlay

    Worth it I've tried other methods of keeping track of my expenditures and by far this has been the best tool in accomplishing that goal.

    NumReceipt client

    Greg Jankowski

    on GooglePlay

    Indispensable Business Accounting App NumReceipt has saved me a lot of time and allowed me to document the odd shaped retail receipts that I can't autoscan to PDF. Very simple function, with auto form filling to minimize monotony. Recently graduated to using num rwciept for ALL my expenses. So much easier than feed copying PDFs. snap your emails, full page reciepts and keep it all in one simple app. - always improving!

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