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Our team focused on creating a wonderful expense tracking software to capture and store receipts effortlessly. The goal is to make expense tracking simple, speedy and stress-free. All startups have to begin somewhere. Even multi-billion dollar companies were started in the garages. NumReceipt also comes from humble beginnings.

Why NumReceipt?

It was our founder, Karol Stuart's vision to establish an innovative platform which would serve to give back to nature. As an initiative to green thinking, an idea sparked in his mind to reduce paper usage and contribute to saving the environment. Consequently, NumReceipt, a mobile application with the master database for business and personal receipts was thus conceptualized.


The term NumReceipt is coined from Number and Receipt. Numbers in Receipt are made more meaningful with NumReceipt. Generally, all transactions involve Receipts and all receipts involve numbers and they make together NumReceipt.


Our vision is to be the master database for personal/business receipts in the world and reduce paper usage to save the environment. With the saved information, we will help users to track expenses, chart the current budget and help visualize savings for the future. We want to do this by capturing the itemized detail, with little or no involvement by signed-up users with just their approval to connect to the bank/retailers/vendors to pull the information.


Our mission is to enable small business/self-employed users to manage business expenses and business income at their fingertips and voice (Google Home/Alexa) to maintain a clear accounting for their business tallying with bank data using advanced AI algorithms.