15 Safety Tips for Business Travelers

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Do you or your employees travel on work a lot? If so, here’s a list of top travel safety tips that can help you travel safe and enjoy a pleasant journey .

Things to do before you travel:

Itinerary & Packing

  • Make a detailed itinerary of your travel and share with your key colleagues, friends, and family including any local contact information you may have.

  • Pack the right type of clothes and accessories according to local weather as well as customs. Do bring in a backup or two to ensure you don’t run out of clothes in case your stay gets extended.

  • Pack all your electronic essentials without fail – this includes the charger of your laptop, backup batteries, cameras, mobile devices and the like. Don’t forget to check the kind of sockets that will be available in your destination and pack the relevant adapter for the same.

Information Gathering

  • Check local customs, rules, and practices thoroughly before embarking on the travel. This is essential as you don’t want to behave out of turn or offend any local sentiments. You don’t want to break any local rules as well.

  • Check the local food, water, and general health safety before landing in your destination, both in your home country website as well as the destination. If the place you are traveling to need you to be vaccinated against a particular disease, you will certainly need to know that well in advance. Researching all these requirements, including finding out if it is safe to drink un-bottled water or eat at local restaurants several weeks before your travel is advisable.

  • Find the currency details, ease of conversions, and other general financial details of the place you are traveling to including the weekly bank holidays. Will your international credit card work in the country you are traveling to? Will there be ATMs where you can withdraw cash in the local currency? Is it legal to carry a large sum of cash (either in local or your home currency)? These are some of the questions you will need to know the answers to before you travel.

  • Finding and having information about local transportation services will come in handy when you land. From avoiding being taken for a ride (pun intended!) and getting charged a bomb to finding out the right time to travel inside the city, you will need to know all of it even if you don’t need to use it.

Staying Connected

  • Most of us cannot be without our personal mobiles or internet connections these days. So depending on the length of your travel, it will help to find out if you can get a local sim card or can do with your mobile on international roaming. Checking the availability of Wifi in airport lounges and other public places can help you get free connections wherever possible so that you can quickly check all your emails and messages while in transit.

  • Store all contacts, including the local contacts and your home numbers, securely on your mobile device as well as on the cloud. Commit the credentials of your cloud account to your memory.

Things to do during your travel

Staying safe, alert & prepared


  •  Be sure to read the top news of the country/place you are traveling in every day. This is very important as there are times that the key events reported in the news may have an impact on your travel or work. For instance, it may be a national cultural holiday when finding a local taxi may become extremely difficult or the weather could have been forecast to be bad. Reading the news can help you to be prepared and save you from any ugly surprises.

  • Keep important travel documents safely in the hotel safe. Do not travel around locally carrying these documents in your backpack. Instead, make paper copies and carry only those copies. However, do check the local country rules and follow the same.

  • Always have a digital copy of all your travel documents on your mobile or iPad. In case you misplace them or even leave them behind at your hotel but require to access them, you will have all the details securely stored on your digital device.

  • Keep track of all your business expenses and personal expenses separately on an app like NumReceipt to ensure you don’t have to end up carrying a pile of paper receipts back home. However, if your office demands that you submit paper bills, do by all means bring them back.

  • Ensure to stay in touch with folks back home, both at the work front and home front to ensure you don’t miss any major event that might happen while you are traveling.

  • Always be alert to any local happenings or incidents including things at the hotel you are staying in. Maintaining a generally low profile, staying out of crowds and having a local friend or business contact with you whenever possible is a great idea.


Finally, don’t forget to pack a camera and plan for a leisure day to catch up with all the local attractions. Even though it might be an all-business trip, surely you can take at least an hour off to soak in the local culture and ambiance!

So before/while traveling, just make sure you consider these travel safety essentials:

  1. Pack clothes based on local weather

  2. Transportation tickets

  3. Contact information in Destination

  4. Mobile device and chargers

  5. Digital copy of travel documents

  6. Electric converters and adapters

  7. Cash and credit cards

  8. Check local customs and practices 

  9. Store documents in the  hotel safe

  10. Check latest destination news

  11. Stay in touch with folks back home and at work

  12. Expense Manager app to keep track of your expenses

  13. Emergency contacts and important addresses

  14. Local transportation tickets

  15. Be alert to any local happenings

About Author : Vaijayanthi KM is a writer who writes on a wide variety of subjects from technology to sustainability. With many years of experience in the IT & Digital industry, she is currently focussed completely on what she loves. (i.e.) writing. Her favorite pastime, apart from writing, is to spend time with her plants in her garden where they help her move to a total zen zone. For after all, what can beat the joy of watching that bud flower or hummingbird go chirping?


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