An Affine Connection Between Caffeine & Receipts


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Central Nervous System is one of the most important things that controls our body, without which we can't move, feel or even survive. CNS is mainly composed of brain, spinal cord and the nerves. Every aspect of the body's movement is controlled and communicated through CNS.

Caffeine keeps your CNS Active:

Coffee is an extraordinary beverage that is fully loaded with active ingredients like caffeine, Chlorogenic acids, cafestol and trigonelline. Adenosine slows you down during the daytime, while Caffeine promotes central nervous system stimulation, making you attentive & fresh. Caffeine is the main reason why coffee boosts your brain function.

An Affine Connection:

Receipts stimulate your brain the same way caffeine does. Can't believe? Here's the Proof..

Having said that, how can you improve your brain functions and stay happy just by saving receipts? It is possible only with NumReceipt.

Who we are?

NumReceipt is an expense tracker app designed to make things better and much easier to operate. NumReceipt app helps users to store all the personal and business paper receipts in order to manage expenses effortlessly. The goal is to make expense tracking simple, speedy and stress-free.

The app has been designed in such a way that it allows users to store receipts, track business miles, generate expense reports, manage taxes, etc. Daily expenses can be tracked in just a click and it allows users to save a huge amount of time and money.

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