Coronavirus: All you need to know about Coronavirus

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Coronavirus” is the outbreak in the year 2019 to 2020 virtually stamping the worldwide nations with pandemics that is irresistible to mammals, humans, and birds. The spread of the infection is not possible without a host and viruses can't get by for extended periods on ordinary surfaces.


Wuhan, China is the place where the host creature spread the infection to numerous people through the market which sells wild food and fish. Pangolins are the animal that resembles anteater animal and armadillo. Already it is related to coronavirus. It is accepted that Coronavirus was like two sorts of viruses that are available in bats. Another report says that it has similarities with the viruses present in the group of camels and snakes.


It is perceived that the bats have the energetic demand to repair the DNA damage. Because as they are mammals they possess an array of viruses and their behavior is to thrive the virus from their body. So, the intermediate host species spread the virus to humans directly. Either bats or pangolins are the middlemen who acted as a host for spreading the virus to humans. It is essential to know where it’s been originated to prevent further infections from animals.

Man-made weapon

China, Italy, Iran, South Korea, and France are the major countries affected by Covid-19. As per the history, during World War I and World War II the biological weapons were used. There are four microbiology labs in the city of Wuhan where the story of Coronavirus started. The thought which emerges with reasons put forth the point that is it a man made destruction weapon developed by china. Initially, the US disease experts are not allowed to visit Wuhan. The distrust among China and the US made the point stronger. There are two schools of thought such as it is natural and it is artificial. The origin of this virus and its transmission is still a question mark. 


As there is a rapid demand for laboratory testing the US FDA requested state public health laboratories to test using the kits produced by CDC. In times of emergency, it is essential to rely on laboratory test results. The antiviral medicine produced by Gilead, the American pharmaceutical company is given as a trial for treating Coronavirus. As per one report, this novel virus is not more contagious like the influenza virus. Americans living in China evacuated due to the condition and faced discrimination as per one news. 

Commercials in China 

China is the biggest producer of Mobile phones and there is an expectation for the rise in the prices of smartphones as a cause of the Coronavirus outbreak. We know the mobile apps are smarter in general and especially in times of emergencies like epidemics. 

There are 26 apps with keywords as "epidemic", "public health", "outbreak", "infection", "pandemic", "surveillance", and "bioterrorism". All these apps are used in times of outbreak for a good cause. Mobile apps give better correspondence and offer time to time data concerning health intelligence. Continuous information and real-time data are expected to screen and examine the issue.


Check here the story of how china reacted to the social media platform in times of pandemic outbreak 


A set of inquiries as a layman that creeps our mind is what are the prevention measures for avoiding disease? Is there a Vaccination for coronavirus? How to track expenses for coronavirus? Does travel insurance cover the coronavirus? What is the revenue loss to the airline industry? Furthermore, how the securities exchange has performed during the past viral outbreaks? Get mindfulness by reading the most pressing inquiries given below.

How to track the expenses spent on coronavirus?

The extra expenses spent on sanitizer, masks, and napkins can be tracked with our NumReceipt app. Loss of travel ticket expenses, loss of stock market trading and loss of paycheck due to official leave are some of the losses which need to be tracked and minimized. Almost 94 percent of the workers get the benefit of paid sick leave in the USA. The insurance deduction for the test or treatment is subject to $1,500 to $2,000. Luckily the initial lab test for COVID-19 is not charged by the CDC. The insurance plan and its areas of coverage reduce hospital expenses in times of hospitalization. 

All you need to know about Coronavirus

What are the prevention measures for staying away from infection?

The prevention measures are as follows: avoid close contact with strangers like shaking hands or touching. Use napkins for coughing and sneezing. Wash hands for at least 20 seconds and avoid traveling in crowded areas like cinema theatres and shopping malls. It is believed that the Virus is transmitted easily with respiratory droplets and keeping clean habits will help to prevent it.


Will someone develop a vaccine for Coronavirus?

US Biotech Company Moderna had found the vaccine for Coronavirus and the report shows it works with the immunization. It is said that the process would continue for one year and it is predicted to test with volunteers to know the immune response further. UK health policy PHG foundation says that Moderna can produce vaccines with less money and produce vaccines with less time when compared to the traditional methods. Antiviral medicine Favilavir is reported as another treatment for coronavirus illness and the Chinese government took into consideration marketing this medicine. This medicine has been used for inflammation and catarrhal. Zhejiang Hisun pharmaceutical company in China delivered this medicine.

Does travel insurance cover the coronavirus?

Insurance policies exclude the reasons for epidemics and pandemics. It is good to reconsider traveling to Asia. Residents of China can try to use non-medical evacuation coverage.


How much does it cost for airlines due to the Coronavirus outbreak?

By 2020 the airline industry is expected to drop by $29.3bn of revenue as per BBC news. Hotels, airlines and cruise ships are directly affected by the financial losses. It is predicted that nearly 25,000 flights from the US to China have been cancelled. Approximately 3.8 million domestic seat deduction and 1.8 million international seat deduction. The cancellation or rerouting of trips leads to huge revenue loss for the travel industry.


How the stock market had performed during past viral outbreaks?

As there is a belief that global demand, supply, and profits are affected by the outbreak there is a considerable decline in the share market. US stock markets fell by 3 percent and FTSE 100 Index in London lost 3.3 percent. The stock market performance with the Italian stock market, Hong Kong’s Hang Seng Index, also reported as sluggish.


Some of the myths evolving through online about coronavirus

  • The first false statement to take from the mind is that “Antibiotics can help in treating Coronavirus”. Antibiotics are used only for bacterial infections and it does not work for viral infection. If there is co-infection from virus infection that occurs then antibiotics are used by doctors. Ginger, garlic, and pepper are the herbs and spices with antibacterial qualities for the prevention but not useful after infection.

  • The second statement which is propelled as false is "pets like dogs and cats spread the coronavirus". There is no proof for this statement and as a part of the recommendation WHO instructed to wash hands with soap after touching pets. This is to protect from the bacterial infection which spreads from pets to humans. If there is a health issue then it is good to avoid eating non-vegetarian food.


Consistently media channels draw out the genuine circumstance and it made the race of mounting nervousness among viewers. One of the brilliant mapping tools which give the refreshed data about the death rate is here. The reports show that the spillover of the infection is expanding and influencing more than 140 countries. The most blazing subject echoing far and wide presently is "Coronavirus".


About Author : Sharmila had spent 10 years of her profession in teaching, marketing, finance content writing, and technical content writing. Having done an MBA degree, she has a handful of experience in financial content writing as a freelancer. Her hobbies are following monetary news, perusing most recent advances which are lined up with content advertising, and bring the most recent subjects into her content. Leisurely she listens to music and read about healthy recipes for cooking.


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