Ending Summer Break – Here's How to Get Your Expenses in Control After Spending on Vacation

DeviPriya Raja  

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The end of summer vacation is unpleasant for all school-goers. The longer the vacation, the tougher it is to gear up to go back to school. Children obviously have some nervousness going back to school after a break and preparing children for school is yet another major task for parents.

To all super moms and dads, summer vacation is coming to an end. Now, what's next? ........

Summer months, even though only a few weeks can cost you more than your budget for the whole year. It gives you more focus and stability as it doesn't end with only spending, it all starts with a huge responsibility to cope up with the family needs after spending on vacation.

Family time keeps a person strong, healthy and happy says statistics. When it comes to juggling family and budget, it's not easy to deal with the latter the way we plan, because balancing the family expenses in our daily lives is not so simple, but how well you handle this can make a huge difference in life.

Here's how to bring your budget back in shape:

1) First, you have to plot how much money you have spent on vacation

2) Second, you have to make your needs fit into the budget for the remaining months

3) After knowing your needs and your financial plan, you should reconcile both for the whole year and the years to come.

4) Manage your daily expenses thereafter with the help of an expense tracking app like NumReceipt.   

What is NumReceipt?

NumReceipt is an app designed to track your expenses by storing all your receipts in one place. Choosing the best app to help you with achieving your personal finance goals is perhaps, the most important decision that you could make. Why do you need an app like NumReceipt, when there are other apps online? It’s because we are successful with tracking personal expenses apart from business expense tracking.

Benefits of NumReceipt:

1) Scan your paper receipts

2) Capture expenses on the go with NumReceipt

3) Pull your receipt anytime

4) Manage your vacation expenses by categorising the amount spent on food, travel, accommodation, etc

5)  Generate Reports for each summer vacation

6)  Understand where you have spent more money during vacation and back to school supplies.

7) Backup the data to your own cloud storage (dropbox/Google Drive) or even your SD card

Get your vacation expenses tracked by our app and keep your finances under control for the remaining months.

Visit www.numreceipt.com !!!

About Author : Devi Priya Raja is a content writer specializes in search engine marketing techniques and analytics. She creates content with valuable insight to drive results. She has 7 years experience working in Industry and marketing.


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