Ending Summer Break – Here's How to Get Your Expenses in Control After Spending on Vacation

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The end of summer vacation is unpleasant for all school-goers. The longer the vacation, the tougher it is to gear up to go back to school. Children obviously have some nervousness going back to school after a break and preparing children for school is yet another major task for parents.

To all super moms and dads, summer vacation is coming to an end. Now, what's next? ........

Summer months, even though only a few weeks can cost you more than your budget for the whole year. It gives you more focus and stability as it doesn't end with only spending, it all starts with a huge responsibility to cope up with the family needs after spending on vacation.

Family time keeps a person strong, healthy and happy says statistics. When it comes to juggling family and budget, it's not easy to deal with the latter the way we plan, because balancing the family expenses in our daily lives is not so simple, but how well you handle this can make a huge difference in life.

Here's how to bring your budget back in shape:

1) First, you have to plot how much money you have spent on vacation

2) Second, you have to make your needs fit into the budget for the remaining months

3) After knowing your needs and your financial plan, you should reconcile both for the whole year and the years to come.

4) Manage your daily expenses thereafter with the help of an expense tracking app like NumReceipt.   

What is NumReceipt?

NumReceipt is an app designed to track your expenses by storing all your receipts in one place. Choosing the best app to help you with achieving your personal finance goals is perhaps, the most important decision that you could make. Why do you need an app like NumReceipt, when there are other apps online? It’s because we are successful with tracking personal expenses apart from business expense tracking.

Benefits of NumReceipt:

1) Scan your paper receipts

2) Capture expenses on the go with NumReceipt

3) Pull your receipt anytime

4) Manage your vacation expenses by categorising the amount spent on food, travel, accommodation, etc

5)  Generate Reports for each summer vacation

6)  Understand where you have spent more money during vacation and back to school supplies.

7) Backup the data to your own cloud storage (dropbox/Google Drive) or even your SD card

Get your vacation expenses tracked by our app and keep your finances under control for the remaining months.

Visit www.numreceipt.com !!!


Wanderlust – that’s what we say!


Kate, an independent and successful photographer by profession loved her job except for one aspect. She had to often relocate to new places on new job assignments. The maximum time she has ever spent in a city would be 2 years. Though she loved the fact that her career satisfied her thirst for “wanderlust”, she dreaded the relocating part of it. But not anymore, read on to find out more.

Well, this situation not only applies for Kate but to any person who has ever experienced moving – either within a city, country or even worse outside one’s country would agree that it is one of the most stressful time that a person can ever experience. In fact, research concludes that the ordeal of moving home was placed as the top stressors among all the life events, leaving behind even a week in jail or starting a new job!

(https://www.foxnews.com/real-estate/many-americans-think-moving-is-more-stressful-than-a-week-in-jail )

Not only Americans, but the scenario is also the same globally. People rate moving out more stressful than a divorce!

(https://www.express.co.uk/news/uk/574171/Divorce-stressful-moving-home )

The BIG WHY!!!

Americans are moving less than ever, concludes a survey in 2018. (https://slate.com/business/2018/06/americans-are-moving-less-often-than-ever.html)

Why is moving so stressful?

Well, there’s the scheduling, the packing, the expenses, the general disruption, the phase of moving out of a comfort zone – the time you would have spent to make the four walls of a house a home has to be reinvested again in a different place. We as social animals, naturally get emotionally attached to the place we live in. Although a part of us would definitely be left behind in the place where we resided, it would take time to rebuild that connect in a new place. All these aspects make moving stressful. Yes, it is stressful, but can it be made somewhat manageable?

HOW following WHY!!!

Well, certainly! We thought of adding some excitement to this strenuous task and making it an eventful adventure for you. So here’s our special P’s list that you could consider next time while relocating:

Planning – Try chalking out and start planning a few weeks in advance to avoid last minute ordeals. Explore the new place, make contacts with people who have been there and be prepared to some extent.

Paperwork – Organizing your relocation paperwork is definitely going to be an important task. Make sure you have a copy of your rental agreements, schools if you are traveling with children, new phone numbers and maybe even vehicles, registration with the city authority,

Positivity – Say to yourself that it’s going to be over soon and you would be relaxing in your new home.

Productive work – Always make a TO-DO list every day and ensure that you abide by your list and finish the tasks you had planned for that day. In this way, you would certainly feel productive and your energy would not be wasted in the wrong direction.

People management – Taking help from family and friends during relocation can ease mental stress. Use the support system to avoid regret.

Principles of expense Management – We can help you for sure. Enjoy controlled spending using our expense tracker app and never regret. If there are any expenses which are tax deductible, you need not search for your receipts at the eleventh hour of filing returns. We will make sure you have one less thing to do. Now, that’s a relief during such testing times, isn't it!

Yes, we also support worldwide currencies with real-time currency exchange calculation. So forget the word regret, Take a deep breath and start looking for the “To let” advertisements. Choose a comfortable house and make it your dream home!

Kate loved the detailing in our app and does not dread “relocating” anymore. If you are someone like Kate, with a job often demanding a change of place, then our app is surely going to your savior!

In case you too found this post helpful, please comment here sharing your experiences with relocation.

Trust in the process is extremely important. The thought could be overwhelming, the beginning is certainly going to be a rough one. The path you travel to execute your plan could be an arduous one, but a happy ending is always in your hands. Begin with this happy ending in mind. Everything else would fall in place!

Tracking : The art of Tracking

Reiterating the tagline of the popular game show, “Deal or No Deal”?

If it’s a deal – read on. No deal? Does not matter – read it anyway :)

We are sure you are least interested in how Hansel and Gretel reached home when the breadcrumbs they had used as trail were already eaten by birds.

Neither would it be of any interest to you how 20k people have succeeded in getting rid of the word “regret” from their dictionary - with just a better idea – ah, definitely not using breadcrumbs or peanuts!

If you are still reading this post, then do continue reading. We bet your invested time would be directly proportional to the money you save!

Tick-Tock – continue tracking even as you are blinking

Time is something everyone thinks they seem to understand and yet explaining it becomes tricky and elusive. It is up to the discretion of an individual if he considers it as an investment or a waste. People wish to travel back in time to live events of the past, or perhaps handle a situation in a different way or manage expenses in a better way to enjoy retirement.

The ‘could’ve’ and ‘should’ve’ are indeed haunting.

To get rid of them is equally daunting.

Times up!

When time is up, we are eventually left with 2 options

Regret and Retreat our actions – the damage is already done.

Repair and Retrospect – The more practical option which can at least control the damages and spark a new beginning.

The 20k people we were addressing at the beginning of the post did choose the option 2. Their decision to delete “regret” was supported by their wise choice of downloading our expense tracker app – NumReceipt.

Take your time

It’s time to sew your pockets created by those miniscule invisible expenses which make you wonder where your money went.

It’s time to get clarity to know where every penny of your earning goes.

It’s time to start Tracking.

Why Tracking? It’s all in my mind!

A notorious mind can ask – So what am I going to achieve by tracking every penny?

Tracking expenses can be an eye-opener. You realize how much you spend eating in a restaurant or having a cup of coffee which would be insignificant to your mind. This can help you control your spending.

You can identify repeat expenses that aren’t supposed to be recurring as much.

Tracking expenses can also help you detect fraudulent transactions.

Tracking brings in financial discipline. You become a conscious spender which is the first step towards the creation of a healthy society

Well, balance is the key. The money saved is anyways going to be again spent – Why not use it for a family trip or building up your retirement fund. Save the money and use it to improve your standard of life.

At every juncture in your lifetime, you can avoid regret by getting our app. Our OCR implemented app, can save all your receipts and retrieve it anytime for use.

Only if you practice the art of tracking expenses today, you can preach about the same to your future generations. We assure you this habit of tracking expenses would be the best treasure to be passed on for generations to come.

There’s no time for any further delay. Eliminating Regret is now just a click away!

Download today!!!

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The tale of a Dog - Following the master

Every day when we come home, the sight of four little paws peeping from the window eagerly awaiting our arrival and barking excitedly, wagging their tails greeting in a way that makes us realize how their unconditional love makes our lives complete. At the same time, it makes us wonder how these canines manage to love humans more than themselves. This is definitely one experience every dog owner would have cherished. The selfless love, the patience during our mood swings and the way they travel with us through thick and thin certainly makes them deserve the position of more than a best friend, a member in one’s family – guarding us, being our companion, and spending their entire life just for us – these sweethearts eventually become a part of us.

Dog - The Velcro followers - But why!

These adorable bundle of cuteness love following their humans. Ever wondered why? Well, it’s in their genes to do so – for companionship, out of love, perhaps out of curiosity or just the loyalty to follow the master.

Our app - Your financial shadow. But why!

We too would love to follow your footsteps, and why? Well, we are programmed to do so. Whether you are shopping or on a vacation, we will be available to serve you and make your journey an exciting one! Our OCR implemented app, supporting multiple currencies is surely going to help you organize your expenses and save your receipts in a stress-free manner.

Memories live - retrieve your past transactions too!

Dog fills the empty spaces in our hearts which we could recollect anytime as a part of our memories. We would also like to be your loyal friend, following you everywhere and saving all your receipts in our cloud, for you to retrieve it anytime. Perhaps one such receipt you look into after many years could trigger a fond memory with your companion.

Try our app – cause in life there should be no regrets, only lessons that can always be carried as experiences and passed on for generations to come. Are you game to experience the world of organized receipts? Download today!



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