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College life is a stress-free period where you have all the freedom to live your life. This is the time for falling in love, coming out strong after breakups, understanding life and adding incredible episodes to it. It is during this time, we dare to take maximum risks. After school we all came out as naïve people, unaware of the new surroundings and what is in store for us. Yes, the time spent in the university is not only to earn a degree, create an identity for the rest of your life and build your career but also about the cherished friendships.

Andrea and Lisa too became best friends in college. They were so fond of each other that they were just like siblings, born to different mothers. The most common aspect among them was both loved spending money and were shopaholics. After college, they moved on to different cities for work and met occasionally to catch up on their day to day happenings.

An evening at the Café – Stress-free time begins!

It was Friday evening. Andrea had planned to meet Lisa directly after work at Starbucks. While Lisa was still driving Andrea had already managed to reach on time and get a seat near the window. She placed her handbag and scarf on the table and proceeded to order a coffee for herself. Thinking how awkward it is to be the first person to arrive, she went out to check if Lisa had reached and returned back to the cafe. She sat in the Starbucks cafe, sipping her coffee and uploading her receipt in NumReceipt app. A blood-stained knife lay next to her handbag, covered with her blue silk scarf. She was so preoccupied that she was oblivious of her surroundings. Finally, when Lisa arrived, she was greeted by Andrea with a sweet hug. There's no greater feeling than having a unique and unbreakable bond with the person you trust the most where you feel free to be yourself and can speak openly about anything. Engulfed by emotions, the two quickly gave an order and started chatting.

Gradually as the conversation between the best friends developed, Lisa could not believe what she saw. She was stunned to see how Andrea has become conscious of her spending while she was still a spendthrift!

‘Hey, what am I seeing? Is NumReceipt really helpful in controlling your expenses? I am extremely stressed about managing my finances. By the end of the month I still wonder where my money went ‘, Lisa exclaimed.

‘It was exactly my situation before using NumReceipt. But not anymore. It’s awesome Lisa, you just enjoy your Vanilla latte and NumReceipt will do the task of tracking your expenses. It’s as simple as that. You gain so much confidence in your finances that you can happily thank people for their unsolicited advice about managing expenses and move on babe!’ remarked Andrea as she was cleaning her hands with the tissue.

‘What you say makes sense to me. Perhaps I must also try NumReceipt and know how to record receipts, said Lisa, making a mental note.

‘It is no use contemplating. Come on, let us download it on your phone right away – Time is money, my dear friend.’

Amazed by Andrea’s transformation, Lisa too wanted to take charge of her finances and chose to try NumReceipt. She was excited to understand all the features and how efficiently tracking could be done.

‘Hats off to the creator of this app – you have cleared our stress and steered a relaxed way to financial success.’, the girls chuckled and heaved a thankful sigh.

The bloody blue scarf – story continues

Meanwhile, Lisa noticed Andrea’s blue scarf and gushed– ‘Wow what a lovely scarf!’

The moment she picked it up, she screamed in shock. She had seen the knife which quietly lay underneath the scarf. She immediately placed the scarf back in the original position, covering the knife and said – ‘Andrea! We better leave now. RIGHT NOW!’ quietly pulling the scarf and pushing the knife whistling her favorite song. The knife landed safely on the soft carpeted floor right in front of Andrea.

Andrea completely unaware of the happenings told Lisa, ‘hey – I know this is one of your pranks! Stop acting as though you just witnessed a murder here.’

Lisa commanded in an instructive tone - ‘Listen, we are in danger. Don’t look down. I will get my car from the parking lot and we will leave this place as soon as possible.’

It was only then that Andrea saw the knife with a red stain. Unlike Lisa’s reaction, she maintained her composure and said, ‘Hey look! there is a knife here. Let us inform the waitress!’ Lisa who was completely freaked out had already started imagining things and wanted to run away. By this time, Andrea, quite dumbstruck had picked up the knife and continued to further examine it.

Unable to hide her curiosity, Lisa reacted – ‘I think you have gone crazy. What are you doing?!!!’

As though reading her mind, Andrea declared– ‘Hey, don’t worry idiot. The red stain is definitely not blood! It is more viscous than blood’, carefully observing the knife and trying to smell it with reluctance.

‘Hmm…seems like tomato ketchup. Don’t look at me like that! I have no idea how this knife with ketchup landed in our table!’ announced Andrea placing it back on the table. Lisa, though momentarily confounded, regained her composure and spoke – ‘I really don’t understand how you always manage to choose the wrong place to sit.’ giving an accusing look to her friend.

Respond or React

All of a sudden, cameras flashed on Lisa and Andrea just as they did when celebrities passed and the anchor popped up. ‘Hello young ladies, congratulations!!! You have won today’s game. We are the host of a reality show – ‘LIFE – there are many reasons to SMILE’. If you were wondering about the knife, it is a part of our game. We had placed it under your blue scarf when you were away for a moment. We were here to find out if you react or respond’ and shaking hands with Andrea, he quipped – ‘You are the WINNER of the day, madam! Your prize money is 1000$.’ Andrea, still in a daze remembered that she had gone out for some time to check if Lisa had arrived or not. She was still unsure if it were a dream or indeed reality!

The anchor of the show had explained to the girls how Andrea had responded to the situation thrown in front of her by finding out that it was just tomato ketchup but on the other hand, Lisa had reacted like every other person. Thus, they wanted to give the message through their show that in life, we always face stressful situations; every person is a brave warrior fighting his/her battle silently. But the way we respond to these situations makes the difference. When we respond, we do not take the stress on ourselves. However, when we react, we get panic attacks and make things more miserable for ourselves.

Same is the case with finances. When we pause a little and then spend, instead of reacting immediately, we can save for future financial needs.

“So, what are you going to do with your prize money, dear” enquired Lisa, her eyes popping out in excitement.

“Well, give you a treat, invest some money for the future and of course update the details of how the money has been spent in NumReceipt. This way I can easily check and recall my expenses with my receipt tracker app.”

The answer from her friend made Lisa realize one important thing. It is not the questions or taunts from the people around her that causes the stress, but her inability to handle them that causes disturbances. She decided to spend the right way, to keep Calm and trust NumReceipt.

Thanks to her friend who introduced her to NumReceipt. Lisa is now free from financial stress as it has been handed over to her trusted buddy- NumReceipt. She is still a shopaholic, but her finances are now under control due to the presence of NumReceipt app on her mobile. She is no more addressed


Attitude is more important than the circumstances than what other people think or say or do. We are in charge of our attitudes. The remarkable thing is we have a choice every day regarding the attitude we will embrace for that day. We cannot change the inevitable. We cannot change our past neither can we change the fact that people will act in a certain way. The only thing we can do is play on the one string we have, and that is our attitude.

Life is 10% what happens to you and 90% of how you react to it. Whenever things don’t work out the way you want, remember that you are the unique person, chosen to handle a specially designed Plan B. Maybe the Plan B is much better and more exciting than your self-made Plan A.’

Trust us to control your financial plans - A, B or C - it can be customized as per your requirements. Choose the best plan suitable for you.

Be it for a small scale business or for your personal expenses, NumReceipt shall always be your buddy - 24*7!

Download today and delete your stress factor forever.

About Author : Sathya Amritha. K is an engineer by profession with a passion for writing. A keen learner by nature, she believes that every day is a lesson for life. Writing for NumReceipt has taught her the art of spending and saving, so using the app would secure your financial future for sure. Visit her soul space where she has shared many experiences and reflections through her blogs about all amazing things which make up this beautiful life (https://sparkanewbeginning.wordpress.com/) and know more about her. When she is not writing, you can find her at the park running after her rollicking two-year-old twins.


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