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Up until this point, we have focused primarily on how NumReceipt can help individuals and families with expense management.  But did you know NumReceipt offers great value for businesses, too? The app can be used as a Concur alternative - with a much lower price tag.  Today's post reviews the features employees and managers can use to simplify expense tracking and reporting.

NumReceipt makes it easy to track the expenses incurred during a specific trip or throughout the normal course of business.  Instead of collecting paper receipts. bringing them back to the office, and manually entering each expense into a spreadsheet, employees can scan and upload receipts within seconds using the OCR feature and then forget about them.  Users may also find it useful to scan business cards during conferences, where they're likely to meet many new contacts.  At the end of each trip' travellers can use NumReceipt's online expense reporting instead of spending valuable time creating reports from scratch. 

In addition to receipt organisation, employees and business owners can use the Business Miles feature to easily track distance driven with a built-in GPS and reimbursement calculator.  The user enters odometer information' and NumReceipt does the rest!. 

NumReceipt's tools for business are wide-ranging, and this post only scratches the surface.  Your available options include robust profit and loss reporting, multiple currency support, QuickBooks integration, and more. 

Please review a summary of the options for personal and small business below, and do not hesitate to contact to learn more.



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