How to handle Pregnancy Expenses, From Day 1 to Childbirth?

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Having a baby is very expensive, sometimes alarming too. Navigating through the nine months of pregnancy can't be simply explained. With medical bills, transport and food prices spanning thousands of dollars, understanding the expenses will take more time.

Most people don't realise how expensive a baby is. When seven months pregnant, most expectant couples pile up diapers, choose car seats and prepare older siblings and pets for the arrival of their little one. Then, there are the other medical expenses for check-ups and the birth itself.

During a routine pregnancy, you’ll have several standard appointments and tests. Below mentioned are the expected expenses:

First Trimester of pregnancy expense includes: Prenatal Vitamins, Ultrasound Scan, Lab Tests, DNA, HIV Tests

Second Trimester of pregnancy expense includes: Glucose tests, Ultrasound, Blood screening

Third Trimester of pregnancy expense includes: Birthing Classes, Medicines, Counselling Appointments

Get a handle on your expenses:

Do any couple decipher what is the cost of childbirth? Well, it is steep. According to the recent statistics, an average middle-income family spends about $220,000 raising a child, from birth to age 18.

You should make sure you are financially planned for the pregnancy period. A baby is a blessing, but the cost of labor is a substantial expense that you can expect in life. You’ll probably have to pay some out-of-pocket expenses for your prenatal care and delivery, even if you have medical insurance.

Confused? Seek Help...

Money problems may be a worry. You may face a lot of extra expenses for the baby. Getting your expenses to manageable levels before embarking on parenthood is very important. No matter how hard you try, you can never be fully ready for the life change that is a baby. At the same time, tracking your finances every day can give you a source of comfort when you start out on this great adventure. NumReceipt can help to look at your pregnancy expenses in a new way.

What is NumReceipt?

NumReceipt is an expense tracker app designed for storing personal/business receipts to manage expense easily. If you really want to get a better sense of how much you are spending, you need to check our app, because life is not about how much money you make, it’s about how much you spend.

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