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International Travel

Happiness, Excitement, Curiosity, a kind of nervousness, a sense of frustration, boredom, a mild disappointment, a lump in the throat, anticipation, annoyance, few tears of mixed emotions and a feeling of emptiness. Can you guess a place where all of these galore of emotions can be witnessed at the same time?

Well, you guessed it right, we are talking about airports. Isn’t it fascinating to sit at an airport and wonder where people are heading to or coming from and what their stories could be – especially when one leaves their homeland to become a global citizen?

International travel for whatever reason, perhaps an official assignment, for further studies, for a vacation, or a usual experience when you have a second home abroad is always stressful. There is always tension as the travel day come closer. The pain of leaving, the joy of arriving, the new faces we would encounter, the smell of one's home country which we would miss for sure, all these factors adds to stress apart from keeping all our documents intact – passport , visa , tickets, boarding passes, and not to mention MONEY!

Here are some tips for safe international travel:

• Make Electronic Copies of Your Documents

• Verify the guidelines for your airline luggage restrictions and carry ons

• Learning essential useful phrases in the language of your destination country can be extremely useful in integration with the local population.

• Don’t Carry Things in your back pocket, your front pockets are a lot harder to steal from without being noticed

• Keep some clothing for a day or two in your hand luggage so that even in case airline loses your baggage, you do not have to rush for shopping on your arrival day.

• Remember to pack your phone charger

• Keep some money in a secret place for emergencies

• Get travel insurance

• It is always safe to do some research about the place of visit before travelling.Learning basic etiquette and culture of the place you are travelling to can help you handle situations in an amicable way.Also an idea about local transportation and how to commute to your hotel from airport would be helpful.

• Always have an eye on kids while travelling. The experience can be overwhelming for them and their safety is your responsibility.

• Trust your instincts

• Do not use credit cards and debit cards in Internet Cafes

• Have an organised way of managing your receipts and controlling your expenses – We can serve you here. Just download NumReceipt and leave the rest to us.

Travelling is a kind of school where we get to learn so many new things about people around the world. It helps us in making new memories, it helps in forgetting difficult times, and it helps us to "Unwind - Pause - Relax".

Do you have a bucket list yet? It’s common to have places in another part of the world in your bucket list.Create your bucket list and book your tickets. Life is too short to miss beautiful experiences.

So "Work-Save-Travel" and Repeat!

As you enjoy your travel, we manage your expenses and save your receipts for reference.Make sure that you feel refreshed!

Stay on the move and never forget to move all your receipts electronically – We are here to reduce your stress and organise your travel expenses and let you relax in your flight. Experience the relaxed emotion during travel with us!

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A little Info on Toll Roads

Tolls for road was an old concept, which has been made new as the time passed. In 1956, it was a federal funding for highways, wherein toll-free road was offered finance by a federal tax on gasoline. During 90’s, the toll roads were managed by the private sectors for planning, managing, construction and maintenance.

The private sector play a major role in toll road development and investment, but revenue from toll road in United States is just 6% from the total amount spent on major highways. But there is always a major debate which says tolls would not have been necessary if there was raise in gasoline tax. Different places in the United States have a different approach on toll roads vs. non-toll roads. For example: In Florida and Dallas tolls are considered very important amidst of growth and development plan.

Average cash of toll rates varies from 15.4 percent to 13.5 percent on multi-county system and electronic system when compared to other toll roads in the United States. When comparing toll roads with non-toll roads, it would be estimated that travelling on toll roads are expensive than toll free back roads but travelling on toll roads saves time than non-toll roads.

Saving Money On Travel:

Taking the non-toll road for your next travel can save you $3 to $5. The price of toll roads can vary considerably depending on many factors. So it's your responsibility to do the research and be prepared to be flexible.

Saving 3 to 5$ per trip is just a click away. You could save close to 20$ a week and use that money to make your loved ones feel more special. Sounds great, isn't it? Here are a few tips to help you save the money that you deserve.

Look before you Leave

Using Google maps - route options can help you make the right decision during the travel.

  • It helps with the research process

  • It gives a better route option

  • It gives a very convenient and comfortable travel experience

Using an Expense Tracker App like NumReceipt can save you more time and money.

NumReceipt is an app designed to track all your expenses by storing the business/personal receipts. You may think why & how NumReceipt can help you save money during a travel? The answer is, NumReceipt works by saving all your receipts and generates automatic reports based on your travel expenses.

"When you save money, you get closer to the local life, and you can travel more,"  say travel experts.

NumReceipt is one such app that lets you to compare the expenses of this month with the previous month and build a plan to save for the future. Manually checking the expense calculation can be very tedious and slow. But, NumReceipt can help to make life easier & comfortable. Try the app just once, you are sure to like it!!!

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Cab Services are a Boon – Ways To Deal Wisely with the Travel Expenses & Save

The days when you were sleepy during a ride are gone, now you can sit, relax and enjoy the city and the streets in comfort. Cab services have made our journey more enjoyable and stress-free. Every time when we book a taxi, we have a sense of free time that is completely for ourselves, as we need not focus on the traffic signals or on other vehicles anymore.

The level of economic activity has resulted in the high demand for cab services in the city. To drive this situation in the right direction, companies like Uber, Lyft provide more cabs for the public. They are operated by Pre-booking using smart phones for pickup, track & drop services.

Most people use cab services in the city because of the app that has been technologically improved and enhanced with many useful features. Also, the communication between customers and the cab drivers are connected well with all the safety measures in place.

Transportation is one of the most essential human needs. So, there has to be a protocol for managing the travel expenses at every level. Sounds like a plan, isn’t it?

Managing Travel Expenses:

Entering into travel expense management is a nightmare. You may not have all the sufficient data, you may miss out on important insights or you may forget to save your travel receipts. That said, saving receipts can save you time and hassles with your everyday accounting procedures. This will help you to have a tab on your everyday travel spend.

Know your way around an expense report:

Expense report management can be tricky. Committing expense report mistakes will cost you big money. When you create a report manually, it can be frustrating and might lead to a loss of time. It is always good to seek help from experts in this field, like NumReceipt.

What is NumReceipt?

NumReceipt is an expense tracker app designed to track your expenses easily by storing all your receipts in one place.

Benefits of NumReceipt:

  • Scan your paper receipts

  • Capture expenses on the go

  • Pull your receipt anytime

  • Manage your travel expenses by categorising them

  • Generate Reports for each travel (business/personal)

  • Understand where and when you have spent more money

  • Backup the data to your own cloud storage (dropbox/Google Drive) or even your SD card

Anyone can give you advice, it's up to you to take in, think or ignore.

If you want to keep your travel expenses always in good shape, take in the advice. Visit !!!



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