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When you start a business, there is always a result you are looking for, a result that can bring success and empowerment, isn't it? Well, success comes after a detailed approach to business strategy and planning. As an investor in a business, whether it's a small business or a well-established firm, you are only looking for a success that never ends.

What is a business plan?

Creating a business strategy is a method of collecting and planning useful information and it is the key for every business to become a money spinner.

A business always wants desired growth and positive results. Making a workable business plan depends on many important factors. The below mentioned metrics help in business evaluation and keep you updated with the progress in your growth.

BEP - Start calculating the break-even point for your business. This can help in evaluating total spend vs total revenue earned.

Sales Metrics - This will help in measuring overall company's sales performance and customer reach

Leads Conversion – Lead generation will help in calculating company's growth and profit

Profit Ratio - This will help in calculating the total income generated

Customer Ratio - This is an important metric that every business needs to know. Customer ratio creates a visibility for your brand and helps in improving your reputation

Employee Metrics - Employees are the pillars of an organization. Employee satisfaction is directly proportional to business success

Growth - A business is said to grow, only when it has a control over its finances. Keeping finances under control plays a very important role in determining business aspirations.

Why is expense tracking important for a business?

A business that doesn't track expenses full well, will never see a continued growth, says statistics. Having said that, keeping a tab on your business expenses is not a simple task.

Tracking every business expense is the crucial part of a business. When this is done right, everything will fall into place. The best and the simplest way to do this is to try an expense tracker app like NumReceipt.

NumReceipt is an expense tracking app designed to manage your business expenses easily by storing all your receipts in one place. NumReceipt plays a major role in supporting a business and helping to achieve the desired goal.

Best apps can make best business, having extra-ordinary evaluations and reports around your business can lead to incomparable results than the competitors.

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Hello everyone,

My name is NumReceipt - your TAX BUDDY - to be by your side and remind you of all your receipts that can be produced for a tax refund.When you really do not know where to start, taking help from a friend is always a good beginning.I am sure you are curious to know about my challenge. Well, be my buddy and never lose another receipt for years to come!

Wondering How NumReceipt-Tax Buddy can help you?

We have all been there. None of us can deny that we have never procrastinated a daunting task that needs to be accomplished eventually. The closer we get to the deadline, the tension mounts and we start to feel the pressure. Here are ways NumReceipt- Tax Buddy can help you as the 15th of March is slowly approaching!

• Categorize your receipts

• Manage multiple business in a single account.

• Breakout the individual purchases in the receipts to different categories.

• You can even track your business miles.

It’s time again – to get over that ‘Catch-22’ situation! Let’s do it together!

“I truly empathise with you!” - NumReceipt

With the deadline to file taxes slowly approaching, you leave no stone unturned and scrutinise every excel file, records, emails and desks of your office cabin to collect all those receipts from inventory, value of assets, advertising expenses, customer relationship costs that includes taking your client for lunch, educational expenses, transport and travel expenses on your business-related trips, charitable contributions, rent receipts of your business establishments, and any other expenditure that might help you improve your chances of getting a refund.It is obviously a herculean task to keep track of every penny spent throughout the year. We always have sound advice from experts who encourage and motivate us to make it a habit to save receipts and organise them for easy access in the future. Unfortunately, the diligence with which a plan was chalked out to retain every receipt would have certainly lost its course of adherence - much like most of New Year's resolution to work out every day or give up spending time on social media/TV.

According to the IRS , good records can increase the likelihood of business success, prepare tax return and support items reported on your tax returns.

What can you do?

To save more of your hard-earned money, download your tax-buddy (NumReceipt app), a user-friendly app at your disposal to keep your personal as well as business receipts, collecting all the relevant data and assessing your annual spending accurately, generating reports as per your needs.Instead of searching and ransacking every nook and corner, a digital space to organise and save your data for years to come is just a click away.

Chat with me or mail me to get solutions to manage and control your expenses as well as organise your receipts – to instantly retrieve it.

After all, the last thing you want is to receive penalty notices, so the first baby-step you ought to take is to hold on to my hand (download me - NumReceipt) and give me a brisk handshake! – And we shall work together. All I want from you is less than 60 seconds every day. Just keep me updated with your receipts and forget about them. – The rest is my duty dear friend, from tracking your expenses to saving your receipts!

Use NumReceipt (Tax Buddy)  today and Look forward to the 15th of March forever!

The art of retailing in the USA – From Sales Promotions to Savings

According to researchers, shopping is said to relieve stress and have a positive effect on a human body. Today’s generation of young people is addicted to shopping because they can feel, touch and experience their favourite products when they buy directly. Retail stores in the USA not only advertise their best discounts on products through marketing, they also create a pleasant atmosphere for the shoppers to spend time with their family & friends.

Online shopping makes up only 8-9 % of retail in the U.S., while brick-and-mortar holds at 91 % because purchasing a pair of shoes online isn’t just the same as carrying the shoes in your bag.

Leading retail stores like Wal-Mart, Walgreens, Costco, Kroger, etc. empower customers with more ways to save money. They provide gifts, discounts & daily offer to enhance the shopping experience and make it even simpler and more convenient for the customers. This way retailers are able to understand their customers well and keep a tab on which product sells more and why.

Spending & Saving:

Customers save money on the products that they purchase on discounts. These profitable offers have a direct impact on customer's overall shopping experience, making them come back for more and turns them into a regular customer.

Retailers offer discounts and gift cards to demonstrate how they can take that to the next level by operating more efficiently and remove product’s cost from the system to give customers even more ways to save.

How to track your spending?

When you are not paying the full price for a product you buy, what else can matter the most? Discount shopping can make you happier but it all starts with a calculation, isn’t it? When you use coupons and discounts for shopping, it is necessary to track your savings and expenses by recording the receipts for each item you have purchased. Tracking your expenses can be very useful in calculating your budget and when it is done the right way, it brings added benefit.

Expense Tracking Made Easy with NumReceipt:

Manually checking receipts to calculate your overall spend is a tough row to hoe. NumReceipt helps you with the process of managing your expenses effortlessly. NumReceipt is an app designed to store your personal or business receipts and track your daily expenses.

Visit our website to know more about our app.

Drive Business Results by Keeping your finances under control

Providing a foundation for your business by managing finances in a proper way is not an easy task. It is a tough row to hoe. There stands your talent as a business owner, to manage your expenses and keep a tab on your budget regularly.

“One important key to success is self-confidence. An important key to self-confidence is preparation.” – Arthur Ashe

Most businesses have issues with finance management. It is very important to maintain a positivity effect to analyze the situation and build self-confidence when business needs motivation. This will help greatly in creating a business value and financial stability. It’s not easy to be noticeable in the crowd but when you do, you can pursue your dreams.

Read Over Your Finances: Sometimes as a business owner you don’t have enough time to go over your income and daily expenses. Missing even a little amount can make a big difference in your financial plan. So, it is important to understand how much money you make and how much you spend on a daily basis.

Save Your Receipts: Paper receipts can be missed easily and need extra attention because receipts can be very useful to keep your finances organized and neat.

Track Your Expenses: Building a strong financial plan is not the only solution to achieve financial success. It is highly important to understand your business needs and track your expenses daily.

The ability to plan finances well, & the ability to track your expenses at the right time is an additional benefit for any entrepreneur. Keep in mind that good times don’t come often, when they do, make the full use of them.

NumReceipt: Expense tracking made simple!

NumReceipt is an app designed to manage your expenses easily by storing business receipts. Our goal is to make expense tracking simple, speedy and stress-free. The app is designed in such a way that it allows users to store receipts, track business miles, generate expense reports, manage taxes, etc. Daily expenses can be tracked in just a click and it allows users to save a huge amount of time and money. NumReceipt consistently works towards improving user’s experience by making every second worth for those who browse through the app/website.

Visit to start focusing on your expenses without any strain!



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