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Every year during summer Bob drives with his family to meet his father, Mr.George in their ancestral farmhouse. His siblings too, along with their respective families gather in the farmhouse and the entire family spends quality time with him.

The only difference this time was by the end of the trip Bob was completely overwhelmed and emotional seeing his annoyingly adorable dad. It was indeed a trip with a difference. Read on further to know how :)

Old ways vs Mobile App

Mr.George, the septuagenarian was an eccentric person. He was punctual, had his own set of rules and a disciplinarian who loathed technology. After the demise of his wife, he had become a bit grumpy too. Nevertheless, this old man loved playing with his grandchildren and always compared the simplicity that was prevalent during “his days” to the hasty fast-paced life of this generation .

One day when all his grandchildren were playfully engaged in the game of treasure hunt organized by their dear Grandpa, they stumbled upon a huge book of accounts. As the children opened the heavy ledgers with great awe and difficulty they were thrilled to see how their grandfather had maintained his accounts diligently, year after year- with details of every single cent he had earned and how it had been spent. At the end of every month, the closing balance was neatly marked in red and cash in hand was tallied. When Mr. George saw his grandchildren appreciating his work, he excitedly explained how he had divided his spending every month into provisions, transport and so on. He further elaborated on how to track expenses, create financial reports and always keep in mind to save for the future.

“I am glad you found my accounts book. I have taught it a hundred times to your parents, but they hardly bother about it. Whenever I start this topic, they try to show some digital receipt app. Don’t you think you remember better when you write every single detail? How easy our times used to be – you are all technology freaks- you have an app for receipts, an app for fitness, an app for even sleeping!”

The children narrated what they heard from their grandpa to their parents. Their parents were not amused and remarked – “That’s a typical dad!”

However, Bob did not end his thoughts there. He went to his dad and decided to show him his mobile app, NumReceipt anyway – he did not care if his father was going to ignore him or debate against it.

The moment of Epiphany

To his surprise, his grumpy father had all ears for him. He never imagined that his father would listen to him like a small baby, excitedly trying out every single feature in the app. He asked as many as 40234 questions about it and was convinced that the app had all the tracking features which he used to do manually and spend about 2 hours every day, while his son spends just a minute or two every day to get the same work done.

For the first time, Mr. George agreed that technology has resulted in saving paper, time as well as money. Not only did he agree that NumReceipt mobile app will indeed help you get there - creating money-conscious responsible future generation, but he also made NumReceipt his receipt pal too!

Thank you NumReceipt!

So the only difference during this trip was that Bob and his father were able to bond over NumReceipt and Mr.George felt proud of his son for efficiently managing his finances. Else the grumpy old man would conclude every trip with a huge list of unpleasant findings and complaints about his careless son. This time the trip ended with Bob acknowledging his father’s diligence and how NumReceipt has taken over this hard work of controlling his finances, making him look smart in front of his dad.

Are you ready for some smart work too?

Then Download NumReceipt app today!

About Author : Sathya Amritha. K is an engineer by profession with a passion for writing. A keen learner by nature, she believes that every day is a lesson for life. Writing for NumReceipt has taught her the art of spending and saving, so using the app would secure your financial future for sure. Visit her soul space where she has shared many experiences and reflections through her blogs about all amazing things which make up this beautiful life ( and know more about her. When she is not writing, you can find her at the park running after her rollicking two-year-old twins.


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