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Sathya Amritha.K  

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Saving Starts with you - A pocket is a perfect example!!! Sounds weird? Not exactly... It is described as the best place to set up your savings plan because it tells what a person values more in life.

How many of us know that it was during the 16th-century pockets were used in European clothing? Europeans began using a small pouch or a bag to carry functional things in the garment and this was later redesigned & named as "pockets".

A pocket has an opening with a closed end, which means you are allowed to save your valuable things in a very safe manner.

A pocket can start changing how you manage your money, don't believe? Here are different types of pockets and their benefits:

Coin Pocket - Originally intended to hold coins, the coin pocket was invented in 1902 and is a great way to save your pennies. It's always easy to start saving with only a coin, as a single coin is enough to start a saving plan.

Kangaroo pocket - A kangaroo pocket mostly features on hoodies and is similar to the concept of how female kangaroos sport pouches, which holds their joeys. Having a pocket is kind of having a small secured space for your hard earned money, isn’t it?

Inseam pocket - These pockets add a professional touch and comfort to any garment. They are nearly invisible when closed. Similarly, when it comes to keeping the money - you are keeping it in a very secure place where the money kept is almost invisible.

Deep patch pockets - A deep patch pocket is easy to install and is always functional. It is usually a square pocket, little deep to hold some important things.

Pockets could also be stolen - known as "pickpockets", So don't pickpocket your own pocket - always save some money and keep it in a safe place for small private possessions.

Start saving to have a good life: Future is something that you don't have control over, so saving some money when you need is like keeping your finances under control. To get started, you need to start a spending plan to keep you on the right track. Here's a free app that has already helped a lot of people in keeping their expenses under control. Visit www.numreceipt.com - Give it a try today, you are sure to like it!


About Author : Sathya Amritha. K is an engineer by profession with a passion for writing. A keen learner by nature, she believes that every day is a lesson for life. Writing for NumReceipt has taught her the art of spending and saving, so using the app would secure your financial future for sure. Visit her soul space where she has shared many experiences and reflections through her blogs about all amazing things which make up this beautiful life (https://sparkanewbeginning.wordpress.com/) and know more about her. When she is not writing, you can find her at the park running after her rollicking two-year-old twins.


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