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Today's post explains about the features of Android Report. NumReceipt provided 22 default options for creating reports by selecting the date range like Daily, Weekly, Monthly, Quarterly, Half Yearly and Yearly apart from selecting the custom date of your choice.

Creation of your PDF/Xls files is just a click away! Your PDF report contains the image of paper receipts also. Generated PDF report can be sent as email option by clicking it. You have an option to select the number of images of receipt per page in your email attachment.

Business Plus,Business Pro and Accountant Pro subscribers can generate PDF report with their Business logo.

Create reports and track your spending.

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1. Choose your option from the drop-down list to create report,

2. Export to PDF,

3. Export to Excel,

4. Email option,

5. Account type,

6. Location Report.

7. Graph selector(Bar chart / Pie chart),

8. Currency

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