Relocation: Why Do People Move, Top Reasons For Relocation?

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Relocation! A significant portion of the American population moves every year, either within their county or to a different state altogether in pursuit of better living. In the year 2018 alone, that number stood at over 32.3 million people who moved for various reasons. If you or any of your family members have ever moved, which is very likely, you will know how important it was for you and what role it played in the changes it brought over in your life.

Though many times, change produces thoughts of worry, it can also be very exciting when one considers the newer possibilities and improvements it can usher in. Similarly, moving can also be a very rewarding experience for many people. But moving need not be a very far off place to feel different and fulfilling. A majority of Americans who moved in 2018 moved within their county followed by moving elsewhere within the state.

So, why are so many Americans moving and relocating? What are their top reasons for it and why do they do it? The census again has some answers for us. Let us explore.

For better homes

The biggest reason that people relocate is to move into a better house with better facilities. Though many surveys point to people wanting to move into bigger homes, they need not always be the case. People may also move into smaller but sleeker apartments if it fits their vision of an ideal home and can be more easily maintained. For instance, if the large house you are currently living in is aged and constantly requires repairs and maintenance overstretching your budget and resulting in expenses, it might be a good idea to move into a smaller house that is more affordable and good for your personal finance.

Establish own house

This reason is pretty obvious. As people get married (or get out of one!), they would want to establish a new home together to cater to the joint needs of their growing family. Many newlyweds already start dreaming of owning their first house together even before they tie the knot. It will be one of the first projects they will do as a family and can be very exciting indeed.

Other family reasons

How many of you wouldn’t mind having a family member around to babysit your child when you have that important business appointment or be around for your parent when they fall sick? I am sure all of us would want that. This is why many Americans are moving to a different county or back to their neighborhoods where they grew up or have family around to be closer to family support.

Job-related reasons

When better career prospects, and better finances, loom high on the horizon, it would not be very wise to reject it outright if a move is involved. Whether it is a job transfer, new job, or simply a brand new business opportunity, moving for job-related reasons is a very old and easily accepted reason for relocation. Most, however, hope that they would be able to come back to their original neighborhoods in the future when things work out and they seem themselves financially free and not worrying about their cash flows every month.

Move out of rented premises

Most young people who are fresh out of college will end of staying in rentals and may continue to do so even after they start a family. There will however come a point when they wish to move out of rented premises into their own house where they can live independently without the worry of the owner breathing down their neck. This is the next biggest reason Americans are moving across the country.

Better Neighborhood

When people start families, the first thing they look for is the safety of their family members. Naturally, the kind of neighborhood you live in, the crime rate, the distance from community facilities will all determine whether you will continue to stay where you are or would want to move to a better neighborhood.

Other reasons

Other than the main reasons stated above, Americans are also moving for an easier commute to work, health reasons to be closer to medical facilities, change in marital status, retirement, joining or leaving college, etc. Some Americans also are not hesitating to change their place of stay for a better climate or more natural settings. Few are even moving to avoid natural disasters like hurricanes and storms!

Your reason for a move can be any of these but you must manage the relocation as smooth as possible to step in a stress-free into your new life. Keeping track of your move expenses and managing your receipts with an app like NumReceipt becomes even more crucial at such a time.

About Author : Vaijayanthi KM is a writer who writes on a wide variety of subjects from technology to sustainability. With many years of experience in the IT & Digital industry, she is currently focussed completely on what she loves. (i.e.) writing. Her favorite pastime, apart from writing, is to spend time with her plants in her garden where they help her move to a total zen zone. For after all, what can beat the joy of watching that bud flower or hummingbird go chirping?


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