Small Business - How to grow your Small Business?

Divya Rajan  

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Small Business 

If you are a small business, it may not be all sunshine and flowers, but it's not gloom and doom either. Small Businesses have the advantage of being flexible to your customer’s needs, faster response times, direct interactions thus ensuring a better quality of services. They also have the disadvantage of always having to face severe competition to stay afloat, having to hustle for loans, overcoming challenging regulations, needing to constantly try and beat the market.



In any kind of Business, Customer is the most important factor. Without a customer, the business does not exist. However, this is truer for small businesses. Since the number of customers is limited and often the customers stay on based on the relationship built, it becomes imperative that the customers are provided services over and above what a bigger business offers.

Another important requirement is to build a long-term relationship with your customers. Earning customer loyalty can help not just for your current situation but also when expanding your business. Also, customers if satisfied by your services, refer other clients to you. This is one of the best ways to increase your customer base and in turn your business.


If the customer is king, employees are everything. Employees make or break a business. This is true especially in smaller businesses where there is no scope for other employees to cover up mistakes made by incompetent employees. Since the chances of interaction with customers are higher in smaller setups, even a small misstep could lead to a disgruntled customer and loss of business.

Hiring the right employees can be the difference between growth or failure of a business. Choosing employees that suit your situation, who are dedicated to your business just as much as you are, who are flexible and are willing to take ownership of their roles is essential.

Internet - marketing

Social media is the best friend a small business can have. Social media can be used for everything from marketing your business be it on Facebook, Twitter, Instagram or LinkedIn, to receiving customer feedback on platforms such as Yelp, to understanding client or market requirements.

Social media is a powerful medium one viral tweet or video can make the difference between expanding your business to pulling it down. However, if used well, it can be a very effective tool for the growth of your business.

Money - Investment

Money is required for the expansion of any business. Obtaining loans for smaller businesses can be harder. Nevertheless, it is vital to find funding for your business because the more money you have, the better your chances of improving your products or services. Generally, the optimum utilization of funds can be a key factor in your business expansion plan. There are loans made available aimed at smaller businesses by banks or lending firms explore these options.

Loans for smaller businesses are available here Small business loans

Sales & Networking

Selling your product or service is paramount. It needs to be regular and constant. Even a small break can change things around for you as a new similar business can take up what was your space. Since there is a constant fear of competition taking over, the sales push must be a never-ending process.

Networking is a way to give visibility to your business. Also, since you are the face of your business, if you make an impression, it could equal a business opportunity or addition of a customer to your business. Meeting new people also expands your horizons and could sometimes be where you discover a new idea or process.

Expand products or services

Always come up with ways to expand your products or services. Never stick to just one idea, be constantly innovative and keep up with the times. Always be on the lookout for new ideas and find ways to improve. Also, identify opportunities in niche spaces. Sometimes your expansion can be the reason for your success while at other times your growth in a niche area can lead to your business being a success story.

Take the case of a small business such as the Grub hub that started in 2004, simply as a service that provided online menus, it later expanded into a business that tied up with restaurants to offer food delivery services. This is a success story worth emulating.


Branding and social responsibility

Branding is one way in which your products or services become easily identifiable. You get visibility and attract not just good customers but also lenders. It is easier to attract better people to your organization when your brand is recognized.

Giving back to the community even as a smaller business also helps in building your brand as a responsible business. This often leaves a positive impact on the minds of customers. This should be done in good faith and with an idea to make a positive difference in society.

Choose a cause that aligns with your business or that you feel most connected to. Others will be motivated to support a business that is concerned about more than just profits and margins.


Small businesses don't often get the encouragement and support they deserve. The Government encourages the inception and growth of small businesses by providing loans or making meeting with lenders with similar goals easier, free business counseling that are provided by experts that partner the cause, providing an opportunity to win small business Govt contracts. You can refer to this website for more details Govt website for small businesses

As the saying goes “Small business isn’t for the faint of heart. It’s for the brave, the patient and the persistent. It’s for the overcomer”

About Author : Divya Rajan is an Engineer turned Finance professional turned writer. She explores her interests in technology, finance and business besides lifestyle and travel while writing her articles. She intends to complete her debut novel which she writes when not running behind her three year old.


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