Start up: Smart Goals for the Start up

Alakananda Sahoo  

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Smart Goals for the Start up

Startup, Startup Startup Ö. Everywhere these days people are passionate about implementing their thoughts, ideas, being independent thinkerÖ but how! Starting something of their own. Awesome, great idea! But to proceed further, which goals I would set up!Do we need to choose a few goals where we can reach to market and customer via actionable smart goals!

Now the story of Psychics begins here, Dreaming is great, leaving those dreams, putting into action, ops Realistic actions are the questions!

One more great point is missing here Time-Frame.

So let's start with our Ideas on how to create smart Goals!

A. Be very SPECIFIC while defining the Goal for Startup ideas

There would be an "n" number of thoughts flowing into your mind, full of energy and excitement, from where to start, how to start, where to end, what to end up with!

Hold on your thoughts, sit back, close your eyes and concentrate by aligning within your inner consciousness. I am sure the Goals for your startup must be very simple and the objective must be specified soon.

Goals should always be bifocal, individualistic and organization based too. Rather than focusing on only revenue generation or to reach a customer base ( B2B / B2C) on the market, focus upon very important factors of Goals that drives the true value of the business.

Keep people to be accountable for the same within the organization and focus on gross revenue on the same.

B. Create A Benchmark :

Wao, our goal setting is almost done, now we are ready to create measurable goals that are otherwise called smart goals set.

In this world of Profit and Loss, we always want a profit, but the question here is Profit in terms of what! People value, Customer satisfaction, product viability among the market.

We can build a beautiful IT infrastructure to monitor all our progress periodically as well. Nowadays DevOps with SAFE Agile is playing a great with Cloud support.

C. Being Accepted by your stakeholders!

Becoming CEO overnight is a nightmare! Let us touch the ground reality. It is time to refine our goals and thoughts so that they will be realistic. Every stakeholder will be accountable and reasonably will get output from business.

One ground rule is always applicable from ancient times is dividing a bigger task into smaller and smaller (modularity). This will provide a lot of transparency as well as better clarity and focus on the goals to accomplish.

One last but not the last, be realistic on the availability of the resources while working on estimations before meeting deadlines.

D. Be focused on Deadlines

We need to set out a time frame to achieve goals so that once the time reaches we can measure timely progress, quality and value-based upon business and can work on changes on need basis.

We are UNSTOPPABLE and Sky is out limit, Hence keep doing smart goals, no more becoming CEO with smart goals within a feasible period will be a nightmare.

All the best!

About Author : Alakananda is a Cloud Solution Architect by profession with a passion for writing. A keen learner by nature, she believes that every day is a lesson for life. Writing for NumReceipt has taught her to expression freedom of sharing her perception and dimension of thinking also added a lot of self-satisfaction.


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