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Divya Rajan  

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Smart Phones 

Smart phones have changed our lives. Now everything is available at the click of a button. Gone are the days of long queues to pay bills, to withdraw money or to deposit checks. Calling up a friend or family member thousands of miles away via apps has become almost cost-free. How did life become so easy with smartphones? As much as the internet and easy access to information played a big part, in mobile phone applications or apps have been instrumental in bringing about a dramatic change in the way we interact, take pictures, find our way, bank, keep ourselves entertained, to name a few.

Mobiles apps are faster and easier to use

Using a mobile website requires you to go to a browser then type in the URL of the site while mobile apps make access fast and easy. Web-based sites are dependent on the browser speed, unlike mobile apps. If you are using social media platforms like Twitter or Instagram, the mobile apps make it easier to access and use, be it swiping up and down or retweeting or liking, the usability and speed of these apps make then stand out.

Smart phones

In the case of banking apps, there is no need to log in instead you can even access it with your fingerprint. It is not only fast but easy to access as well.

Offline Storage

The biggest advantage of mobile apps is that a good percentage of data gets saved offline. You can update the app as and when there's internet access, but most apps do not stop working without internet or mobile data.

GPS, Camera, Microphone are some of the apps that are not just useful but best accessed without cumbersome browsers and internet access. Can you imagine being stranded on an isolated road without a mobile network and being unable to access your GPS? Or on your nature walk unable to take a picture because you could not access the camera?

A good number of non-interactive games work without any internet. So, you can play your spider solitaire or Sudoku uninterrupted with accessing servers or links.

Writing apps such as the Wordsmith Writing app has made life easy for writers by simply giving a platform to type and save ideas or writings.

Purchases with app

Smartphone Apps make purchasing easier, whether it is to buy facilities within an app or purchasing from a store. Online stores make purchasing via apps simpler since your payment details are already stored in the app. You need not rush to find your credit card or sign in to your Paypal account just to make a purchase online. Making payment is not a tedious process inside apps as against the case in websites.

Personalized content

Inside a smartphone app, the content is curated to your requirements. You have already logged in and entered relevant information once and will rarely be asked to do this again. So your emails, bank accounts, social media accounts can all be accessed without a wait. For example, if you do not like advertisements while accessing a certain app, apps offer a way to access the content without advertisements. This is something websites often struggle with.

In-App and Push Notifications

Notifications on smartphones can seem annoying if your notifications are on every single app is but this feature has mainly advantages.

In-App notifications are for any reminders you may have set, to guide you through the app or it could be to notify the arrival of a message or mail you were waiting for. If you are playing a multi-player game using an app, the notifications will inform you if the other player has made a move.

Push Notifications, on the other hand, are essential to remind or notify you of important details when you are not inside the app. If your child's daycare has an app that uploads what the child is doing in school, the notifications can quickly inform you about the child's current status. Similarly, if you and your spouse or other family members share a shopping list app such as Bring, the easiest way to let them know of additions or reductions to the list is via push notifications.

Personal finance app such as NumReceipt expense manager give out push notifications to remind you to pay your bills on time, thus avoiding late payment fees.

The best part is you can turn off these notifications for apps that you deem unnecessary.

Interactive Gaming Apps

Smart phones

Gaming apps that require interactions are a few steps ahead of their web browser-based mobile partners. While non-interactive games by default work better on smartphone apps. Interactive games tend to need a lot of space and browsers can hang or get stuck more than apps ever do. If you are a compulsive gaming addict, you would know you prefer apps to play your favorite games.

Health and Fitness apps

Health apps such as the heart monitor or fitness apps that count your steps or calories or those that keep an eye on your exercise routine or food intake often have great apps that make the interface between a smartwatch or a fitness watch very straightforward. You can simply log into the app to see how many steps you walked in a day or whether your heartbeat was normal throughout the day. These apps also offer you very simple fields to fill in and are efficient.

The app market is smaller

Lastly, if you are a developer, you'll find it easier to make your mobile apps visible to the world and find yourself higher up in-app lists. As against web-based apps that are much harder to chart due to the intense level of competition. This is because the app market is much smaller in comparison.

Smart Phone apps in the seven to eight years that they have been in existence has taken over from browser-based apps with a global app revenue of over 92.1 billion dollars as per this report by Newzoo and is expected to grow a further 50% by 2021.

About Author : Divya Rajan is an Engineer turned Finance professional turned writer. She explores her interests in technology, finance and business besides lifestyle and travel while writing her articles. She intends to complete her debut novel which she writes when not running behind her three year old.


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