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It’s that favorite time of the year which many people, especially the young at heart, look forward to. It’s summer! And with a long school break, most families are sure to be busy planning their weekend outings and vacations to take in a bit of travel, chill by the beach, play their preferred sport or simply soak in the sun with a cold refreshing drink in their hand. For those of us who are busy with our work or business, we still have something to anticipate with so many festivals being organized in almost every town from food festivals to music festivals such as the Taste of Chicago or the Picklesburgh Festival.

With all these exciting things to look forward to, one can’t be blamed for going over the top when it comes to

spending on things or experiences and losing track of our expenses.

After all, however clichéd it may sound, life is too short to be spent worrying about money when summer beckons you with a million possibilities for some shared fun and happiness.

But it is true that one is most certainly looking to earn a bit more to indulge these desires and celebrate life when the sky is all bright and sunny. For the enterprising ones amongst us who don’t mind setting up a temporary business to earn some summer income, the opportunities are plentiful. Whether it is the usual tried and tested lemonade stall kind of business or something more creative like being a tourist photographer or even just opening up your home as a summer co-rental on platforms such as Airbnb, summer businesses can be very lucrative and help fetch a lot of extra income.

When you are focusing on earning that extra income, do not however forget to look at your receipts and spending as well. Though the entire idea of a summer business is, of course, to help you create a small nest egg or even add up to your splurge budget, you don’t want to exhaust what you have earned too fast or too soon.  A recent survey of Americans points out that we tend to socialize much more in the summer months and spend an average of $305 just dining out in these months than any other. While treating your friends and family to dinner out at a fancy restaurant is certainly high up on the fun quotient, perhaps you can replace that with a barbecue at your own backyard where you can much manage your cash outflow much better even as you still have all the fun that you can.

On the other hand, this is great news for businessmen – people love going out and spending that bit extra in summers just to socialize with their friends – is there a hidden opportunity here that you can capitalize?

If you are a customer-facing business, you can certainly use this to your advantage and set up customer delight programs. For instance, you can give away free dinner vouchers or meal coupons for customers that transact over a certain limit. By offering such complementary benefits, you can increase your regular business income while ensuring you keep your customers happy as well. Customers on the other hand love getting freebies and start preferring to do repeat business with you as they are assured you know what they want and have their best interests at heart.

Here are a few more customer delight strategies you can try in summer and help increase your summer income:

  1. Offer a free cold drink to every customer who drops in, quench their thirst and help them transact in a relaxed mood.

  2. Set up a free summer photo booth with funny seasonal props and miniatures of local attractions –customers can get their pictures taken in their mobile or pay a small fee to have an instant shoot and print.

  3. Throw a lemonade party to loyal customers and do a food potluck. Take the opportunity to socialize with your customers outdoors and connect with them on a personal level.

  4. Have a summer treat counter with lollies and popsicles for the little ones that walk in

  5. Set up a lucky draw every Friday for all that week’s customers and reward them by home delivering a simple but delightful picnic hamper with some fresh, cool drinks and healthy sandwiches

  6. Extend part-time employment opportunities to local youth and establish a community presence in the neighborhood. Treat them kindly and invite them to encourage their friends and family to visit you and do business with you.

  7. Who doesn’t love flowers in summer? But ditch the old way and instead, tie up with a local nursery to give your customers potted flowers they can grow in their backyards which will continue to bring them joy all summer through with its blooms

  8. While your vacations are equally important, make sufficient arrangements back home to ensure there’s always someone to attend to your regular customers while you are away. You don’t want to end up missing any business opportunities, or worse still have your customers turn to your competitors, do you?

  9. Participate in local festivals and set up booths to talk about your business and woo more customers

  10. Finally, a summer sale is always something to look forward. Announce one and watch as your customers walk away happy with a huge smile on their face!
    Summer is a time where even as the days seem long and endless, the season goes away too quickly before we even realize it.
    So make sure to utilize its endless possibilities, delight your customers, increase your income,
    keep a diligent track of your spend & expenses, organize your receipts, and maximize your fun all at the same time. Make it a summer to remember!
    Most importantly, be sure to scan your receipts and enter your expenses every day onto NumReceipt free receipt scanner app so that you are not left grappling with a pile of papers that you can’t make sense of when fall arrives in all its glory.

About Author : Vaijayanthi KM is a writer who writes on a wide variety of subjects from technology to sustainability. With many years of experience in the IT & Digital industry, she is currently focussed completely on what she loves. (i.e.) writing. Her favorite pastime, apart from writing, is to spend time with her plants in her garden where they help her move to a total zen zone. For after all, what can beat the joy of watching that bud flower or hummingbird go chirping?


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