Tax Filing Deadline 2019- Silly or Super!

Sathya Amritha.K  

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Here’s a riddle for all of you to solve:

Catch me if you can!

I am available at every place, wherever there is a monetary plan.

When I am given to people, they seldom care, but to lose me they do not dare!

It’s extremely easy for me to spin out of control, hang on to me if you do not wish to dig a hole (in your pockets). The dreadful deadline is coming soon,

It’s time to pay your income tax - Catch me if you can

I am sure you have got the answer – yes, we are talking about Receipts – the one that provides relief.

That’s exactly what NumReceipt offers you. To catch those receipts that wish to play hide and seek with you at the time of need. To make your life orderly and manage your financial health.

There is a wonderful book by Anna Jane Hays, titled “Silly Sara”. It is meant for young readers who are taking their first step into reading at their kinder garden. The story is about a little girl, Sara who (as described by the author) spills and slips and trips! The book revisits all silliness we have been through in our childhood, from blowing bubble gums to spilling smoothies. The story ends with how silly Sara becomes sick of being silly and she decides to become “Super Sara”. Becoming Super from Silly was her choice ultimately.

Our life is shaped by the choice we make. Every day brings in a whole new world of choices. The remarkable thing about choices is they have always been yours. Unless you make a choice for yourself, by yourself, and decide to follow it, you can never reach the goal for which the choice was made.

It’s no doubt that receipts are an integral part of good record keeping. But they are indeed a pain, as it is extremely easy to misplace them. So we need to make a conscious choice to keep them in an organised way.

It’s difficult to tame the naughty child. But it also adds to the experience and credit of a teacher who succeeds in it. Allow NumReceipt, the ideal teacher to incorporate orderliness in your receipts while you teach your children the concept of personal taxes by eating 30% of their ice creams and chocolates .

The Hardest Thing in the World to Understand is Income Taxes – Albert Einstein.

We, at NumReceipt too agree with Mr. Einstein as this civic ritual is always stressful. Yes, we do agree that nobody likes paying taxes. Given a chance, all of us would certainly love to cancel subscription and remove our names from their mailing list.

Though we cannot help you in that, we would like to make this experience better for you. As we take charge of all your records, you enjoy your refund, that feels like free money, even if it is not so.

Why dread the deadline, let’s celebrate Tax day this year, on the 15th of April. Receipt management - the most crucial ritual in filing tax can become enjoyable with NumReceipt. Are you going to be silly and misplace receipts or super and manage them?

Silly or super – the choice is yours!

Make your choice today and always become super at managing receipts. Choose NumReceipt to steer your way to controlled spending and file tax before April 15 2019 this year.

About Author : Sathya Amritha. K is an engineer by profession with a passion for writing. A keen learner by nature, she believes that every day is a lesson for life. Writing for NumReceipt has taught her the art of spending and saving, so using the app would secure your financial future for sure. Visit her soul space where she has shared many experiences and reflections through her blogs about all amazing things which make up this beautiful life ( and know more about her. When she is not writing, you can find her at the park running after her rollicking two-year-old twins.


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