The launch of iPhone XS 2018

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The most gregarious Apple iPhone XS has been launched in a gather around event on Wednesday 12th September. It is anticipated to divulge a bundle of new iPhones and other overpriced devices. The Pre Orders of iPhones XS is set to start on Friday September 14th and actual release will be a week after that, probably on September 21st.

Apple iPhone 9: The series of image which Apple has released recently on this 6.1inch LCD iPhone has confirmed that it is available in three colors: White, red and blue. It is also believed that iPhone 9 will hold dual SIM tray. Apple iPhone 9 is said to be reasonably priced in midst of Appleā€™s higher pricing phone, it will cost around $600-$700.

iPhone XS and iPhone XS Max: Apple has launched two new OLED iPhones with 5.8inches and 6.5inches. Apple has previously announced it has dropped plus label from this year (2018) iPhone, hence 6.5-inch version is called the iPhones XS Max, according 9to5Mac.

iPhone XS and XS max both likely to comprise 4GB RAM and alongside a new A12 Chip & dual-SIM options in some countries. Both the phones are expected to launch in 3 colors: white, gold and black variant. In order to equip the full screen design Apple likely to adopt backlight-reducing chips.

The new iPhones will propound improved fast charging technologies with USB-C Cable from upgrade of 5V 2A to 9V 2A and 5V 3A charging circuitry. iPhone Max has the highest pricing varying from $900-$1000 and iPhone XS may cost around $800-$900 (down from $999).

The Apple has tested on the 6.1inch iPhone 9, 5.8-inch iPhone XS, and the massive 6.5inches iPhone XS Max. This is the biggest league that has happened in Apple and is sure to keep the Apple store tills blaring for another few years.

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