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Sathya Amritha.K  

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Reiterating the tagline of the popular game show, “Deal or No Deal”?

If it’s a deal – read on. No deal? Does not matter – read it anyway :)

We are sure you are least interested in how Hansel and Gretel reached home when the breadcrumbs they had used as trail were already eaten by birds.

Neither would it be of any interest to you how 20k people have succeeded in getting rid of the word “regret” from their dictionary - with just a better idea – ah, definitely not using breadcrumbs or peanuts!

If you are still reading this post, then do continue reading. We bet your invested time would be directly proportional to the money you save!

Tick-Tock – continue tracking even as you are blinking

Time is something everyone thinks they seem to understand and yet explaining it becomes tricky and elusive. It is up to the discretion of an individual if he considers it as an investment or a waste. People wish to travel back in time to live events of the past, or perhaps handle a situation in a different way or manage expenses in a better way to enjoy retirement.

The ‘could’ve’ and ‘should’ve’ are indeed haunting.

To get rid of them is equally daunting.

Times up!

When time is up, we are eventually left with 2 options

Regret and Retreat our actions – the damage is already done.

Repair and Retrospect – The more practical option which can at least control the damages and spark a new beginning.

The 20k people we were addressing at the beginning of the post did choose the option 2. Their decision to delete “regret” was supported by their wise choice of downloading our expense tracker app – NumReceipt.

Take your time

It’s time to sew your pockets created by those miniscule invisible expenses which make you wonder where your money went.

It’s time to get clarity to know where every penny of your earning goes.

It’s time to start Tracking.

Why Tracking? It’s all in my mind!

A notorious mind can ask – So what am I going to achieve by tracking every penny?

Tracking expenses can be an eye-opener. You realize how much you spend eating in a restaurant or having a cup of coffee which would be insignificant to your mind. This can help you control your spending.

You can identify repeat expenses that aren’t supposed to be recurring as much.

Tracking expenses can also help you detect fraudulent transactions.

Tracking brings in financial discipline. You become a conscious spender which is the first step towards the creation of a healthy society

Well, balance is the key. The money saved is anyways going to be again spent – Why not use it for a family trip or building up your retirement fund. Save the money and use it to improve your standard of life.

At every juncture in your lifetime, you can avoid regret by getting our app. Our OCR implemented app, can save all your receipts and retrieve it anytime for use.

Only if you practice the art of tracking expenses today, you can preach about the same to your future generations. We assure you this habit of tracking expenses would be the best treasure to be passed on for generations to come.

There’s no time for any further delay. Eliminating Regret is now just a click away!

Download today!!!

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About Author : Sathya Amritha. K is an engineer by profession with a passion for writing. A keen learner by nature, she believes that every day is a lesson for life. Writing for NumReceipt has taught her the art of spending and saving, so using the app would secure your financial future for sure. Visit her soul space where she has shared many experiences and reflections through her blogs about all amazing things which make up this beautiful life ( and know more about her. When she is not writing, you can find her at the park running after her rollicking two-year-old twins.


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