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Hello!  We hope you are having success storing information from paper receipts in the NumReceipt app and using the dashboard for a quick view of your expenses.  Today's post dives into a new area of functionality: reports. NumReceipt offers reports that are easy to use and understand, empowering you to take control of your spending.  Let's jump right in!

Using NumReceipt from your laptop or desktop offers a clear, elegant view of its reports, as you'll see in this post.  Navigate to from your browser and sign in with your email address and password.

Upon sign-in, you'll see your dashboard as well as a menu of options on the left side of your screen.

Select 'Reports' to expand the drop-down, then 'Simple Report.'  

The Simple Report shows the amount spent by category as well as the percent to total spend for each category represented.  You can view it as either a pie chart or a bar graph - it just depends on your visual preference.

If you'd like to compare expenses over time, click over to the 'Current vs. Previous Month' tab.  A bar chart will show the amount spent per category for the current and previous month side-by-side.

The last option for a simple report allows you to select a custom date range.  This feature may be useful for tracking expenses during a specific trip or excluding a period in which you incurred unusual expenses.  This report can also be viewed as either a pie chart or a bar chart.


Next, for an in-depth look that allows you to generate reports up to three years in the past, navigate to 'Dynamic Report'  After choosing your desired date range (simply click to select the months and years you would like to include), you may filter on specific categories, select the account type or employee, and print or download the report.

Further down, you'll see several more options for customising your report: you may choose the currency, receipt total range, whether to show tax paid, payment mode, and retailer(s).

The final reports listed on the left-hand menu show receipts by location captured and your profit and loss, which requires a Pro subscription for unlimited exports.  

The Profit and Loss report defaults to show a calendar year by month.  Your spending, or 'Loss,' is displayed in red, your income, or 'Profit,' is displayed in green, and the 'Net Profit' data point in orange shows your net profit for the month.  The example below shows a profit of $277.26 in February 2017.

Simply scroll down to view a list of your profit and loss by category.  

We hope NumReceipt reporting helps you to gain insight into your expenses!  As always, please feel free to contact should you need assistance.

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Announcing the Launch of Numreceipt’s New Website

A website is a product of many technical pieces put together. Over the past few months we've been working hard on launching our new website. Our true goal of the website: to communicate with our users and understand their needs!

We have designed the website to create a user-friendly browsing experience for our valued users and business partners.


Our users will find useful information about our app services on the homepage of the website.

The site contains integrated social media buttons for Blog, Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn, Instagram, Google+ to foster improved communication with the users.

We will be constantly updating our website with helpful information, articles, blogs and company announcements.

Our pricing format is the best we would say. We have designed the pricing table in such a way that it is very helpful for the users to understand and choose the best suitable plan.

In addition to aesthetically re-designing the website, we have also refined the accountants pricing category for an enhanced user experience & business.

We invite you to view the new website and let us know your thoughts.

We hope you find the new website fresh and fit as a fiddle.

We also would like to thank our amazing staff who donated their time and energy to build the website from scratch to what it is today.

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For any questions, suggestions, feedback/comments, please contact us!

NumReceipt – Expense Tracker App

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Features available for Free Users

Do you know?

Free users can Select

  • OCR option for reading your Retailer and Total from Receipt.
  • Your Home Page as Dashboard/Expense Inbox/Scan and Upload/Enter and Upload/Report.
  • Your Device Camera/ NumReceipt Camera.
  • Your Distance option to Miles/KMS.
  • Your Country's currency as Default Currency.(currently 43 currencies are supported)
  • You can Back Up your receipts to Dropbox/SD Card.
  • File Picker Type as Image/PDF.
  • Tag your Retailer by GPS point.

You can do the above functions from your NumReceipt's SETTINGS Page.

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