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Where Your Money Goes:

Life is not about, How much money do you make? it’s about how much you spend every day in your life. When it comes to spending, it is very important to track your expenses to know exactly where your money goes. This can help in calculating how much money you have spent for a purchase and how much money you can save for similar purchases in the future. One in 10 Americans say they spend $300 or more per week on food, healthcare, transportation, entertainment, housing, etc.

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5 Spending Leaks to Demolish Your Budget


Buying convenience foods is a serious leak in your budget.

Do you do any of those things?

Buy twenty oz soda or water bottles at gas stations, or convenience or drug stores

Purchase something from a coin machine

Get on an individual basis bagged food things, like chips or cookies

Buy already naked as a jaybird and sliced fruit or vegetables at the food market. We are using Credit Cards to purchase our daily needs.

If so, you’re paying a large premium for convenience! marketing machines and gas stations charge a minimum of double for snacks and drinks, compared to grocery stores.

With simply a touch forward thought and preparation, you'll save the most cash. get associate 8-pack of soda next time you're window spree (bonus points if it’s on sale), and place the bottles within the icebox.

Instead of shopping for very little chip baggage, get a large bag and divide it into Ziploc baggies.

Spend a touch longer, and an entire heap less cash, by peeling and chopping your own fruits and vegetables.


If you exit to eat on a daily basis throughout your lunch hour, you're positively defrayal an excessive amount of on food!

Even if you don’t move to a strike eating house, nourishment and takeout adds up therefore majorly over time.

Try packing your lunch additional, and consumption out less. though you brought your lunch three times per week, you’ll be stunned what proportion more cash you've got at the tip of the month.


Now-days we are all using paper plates, napkins, and paper towels is kind of like throwing money into the trash.

This is another example, You save yourself time and money but not having to wash as many dishes or towels, but the new thing to use the cost of buying these items over and over throughout your life is exponential.

Buy a nice reusable water bottle instead of disposable water bottles. Use the best dishwasher to safe plates and cups instead of buying the paper version. You could even experiment with cloth napkins and change your life without paper towels.


If you buy candy, gum, or magazines from the checkout lane, you’re again paying for satisfaction. The stores aren’t silent. They design the checkout lane to purposely encourage you to make impulse purchases.

If you buy a certain magazine regularly, it would make more financial sense to get a subscription. 

If you buy something like(candy, gum, magazines) the spending money will be checkout and add to your expense and view it.


I feel so guilty of this! because It’s almost painful for me to pass up a ‘good deal.’

But it’s not a good deal if it means spending money on one thing it should be useful for you without useful you wasting time and money on the thing.

Another way the money plays out is when you have to spend more to use a coupon or get free shipping is one of the ways is mindful spending money in a way to save for our life.

I’m trying to live a better life about buying something just because I have a coupon. By asking the same ‘before you buy’ questions? as above, we can be more intentional about what we spend. And what we bring into our already-full homes.

Use NumReceipt Keep Money Under Your Control

Keep on spending the money in different categories without any planning budget, By using NumReceipt we can track our expenses by seeing the expense reports we can plan our daily budget, and keep money under your control. 

  • Start, snap your receipts with NumReceipt OCR Scanner just One-Click. OCR Scanner will capture the receipts and automatically extract the expense like( Retailer Name, Date, Total, Tax).

  • When you started using NumReceipt update your income,

  • Then started uploading your daily expense receipts, and seeing the income & expense reports.

  • Use NumReceipt and keep money under your control.

Download the NumReceipt App(iOS/Android) and start to track your daily expense and keep the money under control.

About Author : Devi Priya Raja is a content writer specializes in search engine marketing techniques and analytics. She creates content with valuable insight to drive results. She has 7 years experience working in Industry and marketing.


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