What can your kids do for the Summer Vacation?

Divya Rajan  

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Gone are the days when summer vacations meant just picnic baskets, summer fairs, days spent exploring the woods or a lazy afternoon spent eating Grandmother's pie. Kids now need more and not just hours spent in front of the television or playing video games.

Here are some ways your kids can stay entertained and engaged during their summer vacations.


Books are a good way to keep your kids engaged during their summer break. Find a library near you here and get your kids a library membership so that they can choose a book of their choice. Set a time frame to finish reading each book. Add a fun activity at the end of the book such as a storytelling session with your family.

Cultivating a new hobby

Encourage your children   to take up a hobby their tight school schedules didn't allow them to. Learn to play a new instrument, paint, dance, gymnastics, take up a sport. Hobbies give children something to focus on, it also helps them discover their true selves. A lot of times hobbies form a true guide to what they want to achieve in life. They're not just limited to summer vacations, it could be a habit, maybe even a vocation that could last a lifetime.

Find hobbies for kids here


Planting seeds, watering them regularly, watching the plants grow, this gives kids something exciting to look forward to every day. It'll be even more exciting for them if these are flowering plants. Letting your kids try a hand at making a vegetable garden can be just as fun. It also teaches them about nurture and the importance of taking care of things.

Visit an animal farm

A day trip to an animal farm can be an enriching and fun summer experience. The admission fees are usually reasonable and summer passes make it easy on the pocket. The kids can not just pet but also feed the animals. Nothing can replace the joy on their faces seeing animals eat out of their hands.


It's summer, how can you not think of swimming!

Swimming is a lifesaving skill but more importantly, it is fun! What can be better than being in a pool on a sultry summer day? Scheduled swimming lessons often give kids something to look forward to. If your kids can already swim, then what better than a trip to a community swimming pool.

Trip to the beach

What is a summer vacation without a day trip to the beach? There's no dearth of fun things to do on a beach for kids - and adults who accompany them - playing in the waves, collecting seashells, swimming, surfing, building sandcastles, playing ball or using the recreational equipment.

Picnics never go out of fashion

A day out to even the neighborhood park can be made exciting experience if it becomes a "picnic". All you need is a picnic basket, some homemade food, and juices, a picnic blanket & you're all set.

It can also be a barbeque day if your park has benches and grills.

As long as summer vacations exist, so will picnics.

Summer camp

There's more to summer camps than campfires. Fun water activities, art and crafts, sports, learning camping or other life skills, there are camps for almost every known activity these days. You can choose the one (or a few) most suited for your child. There are also options of camps being for half a day, full day or overnight stays. Kids stay engaged, have fun, interact with other children their age while acquiring new skills. It's a summer vacation must-do!

Things to do without leaving your Home

Treasure hunt

This needs a bit of work but if done right, it can keep not just a few but an entire party of children engaged for the whole day. If you have a yard what better place to bury the treasures. Even if you don't have a garden, the house is enough for a mini treasure hunt. The messy house will be worth it seeing the excitement on your kids' faces.

Camping inside the house - forts, and tents

This is a trick as old as rocks, well as old as blankets and poles at least. Making forts and tents can keep the children occupied plus it's a fun way to spend afternoons. No expense, easy to make forts are always a go-to summer activity. Learn how to build a blanket fort here

Yard Sale and Lemonade Stall

Put up a yard sale of things you need to dispose of, make sure your children are involved in this activity encouraging them to put up items they have no use for anymore. To make it more exciting they can put up a lemonade stall serving cold lemonade to all those who make it to the sale. This serves the twin purpose of keeping our children engaged as well as clearing out some extra items.

Baking sweet treats

Let your kids help you make that ice popsicle they love so much. If it is their favorite treats like juices, ice creams, popsicles, cakes or cookies, kids need no extra motivation to join you in making these. The measuring and mixing, pouring and baking or freezing, all of it can be just as interesting. Make sure you get them to help you clean up after or you'll be working more than you bargained for.

Science Experiments

Science Experiments develop curiosity and encourage further learning. These can also be great fun. It's not necessary to buy Science experiment sets, experiments can be done using easily available articles. There is even a category of experiments that can be done using items from the trash, thus encouraging kids to learn about the importance of recycling.

Summer doesn't always have to be hard on the pocket.  Sometimes a little innovative thinking and twisting age-old ideas to suit the times is  all you need for a fulfilling summer to remember not just for your kids but for you as well.

About Author : Divya Rajan is an Engineer turned Finance professional turned writer. She explores her interests in technology, finance and business besides lifestyle and travel while writing her articles. She intends to complete her debut novel which she writes when not running behind her three year old.


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