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The latest craze sweeping Pinterest and the Internet at large is the 'no-spend weekend.'  Have you ever tried one? The idea, as you've probably guessed, is to avoid incurring expenses for a full forty-eight hours.  Instead of shopping and dining out, no-spend weekends encourage individuals and families to save money by trying different, lower-cost activities.  Ready to give one a shot? Here"s how…

  • Get prepared

Since you won't be able to have lunch at the mall or run to Target for late-night snacks, make sure to plan home-cooked meals for the weekend and grocery shop accordingly (don't forget the coffee grounds if you're a Starbucks regular!).  You'll also want to put gas in your car and pick up some sunscreen if you plan to spend time outside.

  •  Do something different!

Fill the weekend with fun activities you wouldn't try on a 'typical' weekend-- visit a new park, check out books at the library, go to a free concert or museum exhibit, call family members and friends to catch up.  You could even pull out that shoebox of receipts under your bed and get organised using NumReceipt.

  •     Keep it going

Remember that spending less one weekend is not an excuse to splurge the next!  Keep saving and improving your financial health by scheduling regular no-spend weekends, and use NumReceipt's online expense reporting to track your expense reduction progress.  Have fun and good luck!

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