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The latest craze sweeping Pinterest and the Internet at large is the 'no-spend weekend.'  Have you ever tried one? The idea, as you've probably guessed, is to avoid incurring expenses for a full forty-eight hours.  Instead of shopping and dining out, no-spend weekends encourage individuals and families to save money by trying different, lower-cost activities.  Ready to give one a shot? Here"s how…

  • Get prepared

Since you won't be able to have lunch at the mall or run to Target for late-night snacks, make sure to plan home-cooked meals for the weekend and grocery shop accordingly (don't forget the coffee grounds if you're a Starbucks regular!).  You'll also want to put gas in your car and pick up some sunscreen if you plan to spend time outside.

  •  Do something different!

Fill the weekend with fun activities you wouldn't try on a 'typical' weekend-- visit a new park, check out books at the library, go to a free concert or museum exhibit, call family members and friends to catch up.  You could even pull out that shoebox of receipts under your bed and get organised using NumReceipt.

  •     Keep it going

Remember that spending less one weekend is not an excuse to splurge the next!  Keep saving and improving your financial health by scheduling regular no-spend weekends, and use NumReceipt's online expense reporting to track your expense reduction progress.  Have fun and good luck!

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Cost of Living: Changes a lot over time

Cost of Living

Every single person possesses a character trait that is not shared by anyone else. Do you agree?

The concept of lifestyle is related to a theory that each person has a unique style of living and seeing life from a different perspective. Having said this, what do you think makes a person decide on choosing his/her own lifestyle?

Some people care a lot about their physical appearance, and for them, money spent on appearance is a highly pleasant characteristic. Some people pay more attention to food, so they tend to spend more on food. And Few more people found who would love to explore the world. They really do enjoy travelling which makes them frequent travellers to spend more money on travel tickets, accommodations, etc.

Spending money, isn't it? We all require money to maintain a balance in life, to keep our loved ones happy and keep ourselves motivated. Cost of living is a perfect match between individual characteristics and the standard of living in a society. There is a certain amount of money needed for a person to run a certain standard of living according to his own character and perception. Cost of living has changed a lot over time and is more likely to make situational indication for different phases of life based on expenses.

This expenses are of two main types - fixed and flexible. Fixed expenses don't change over time but flexible expenses change according to season, place, health, age, etc. It's not how smart you are at spending; it is how smart you are at tracking your daily spend.

There are no rules to spend but there are rules for saving. We at NumReceipt set the rules right for you. We designed an Expense Manager app in order to keep a record of all your receipts & to track all your expense activities. Yes, you heard it right! We are the masters in calculating your cost of living.

For more useful information & tips on financial planning, read our blogs which would definitely help you or start using NumReceipt - Expense Manager App today.

Take a day off from work to a great start

A day off from your usual work is like finding the inner peace that you deserve. It's not going to take your eyes off your goal but can help in keeping your mind and body relaxed and rejuvenated.

A day off to a great start. Sounds perfect, isn't it?

Small things in life can make a huge difference. Sometimes you really need to find time to relax after a very hectic day. A simple, short vacation requires lesser efforts to plan and it doesn't require others to take care of your office work. You can get the most out of a small vacation. Imagine a place that creates peace and calm in mind, a place that can ease your nervous tension, and a place that can boost your creativity & so on. Yay! That’s a big list.

The weekend is the best time to take a day off that will make you feel better and comfortable & will make you feel that you are in a whole new world.

A day off brings more positivity inside you and will put you on the right track. So, utilize your travel time the most and make it truly memorable.

What about taking a day off during the week, well it’s like taking some time off to recharge your batteries, isn’t it? This actually means more output and productivity, as a rest day in the middle of the week is sure to refresh your mind and help you be more active for the rest of the week. You can also plan to take a day off during extreme weather conditions like a snow day off, this will avoid you from falling sick and get back to work actively. During summer, you can take rest and relax for a while to handle the heat and a thoughtful step to avoid burnout. Recent studies have proven that employees feel more energetic and happier when they take a day off.

A very stressful day can make you sleep deprive, over-stressed and feel under pressure. Building individual well-being is very crucial to improve your mental & physical health. Relaxing spa treatments can reduce stress and anxiety. It is a place to get into a sort of peaceful world and enjoy the soporific effect. Relaxation & good sleep is much needed to maintain a healthy lifestyle , says researchers.

So make time to unwind and de-stress. This is the most important part of maintaining a high quality of life.

Valentine’s Day Expenses 2019 Made Beautiful

Life is all about surprise meetings. Just as we sit on a moving vehicle, watching the world go by while travelling in bus or train, a stream of thoughts flood our minds. It could be a song, or a task at work, an old memory, images of people you know, anxious thoughts about future, the misplaced bills that needs to be submitted at work, or a plan for the weekend shopping.

With Valentine's Day just around the corner, the statistics by NRF makes it evident that America is all set to paint every corner in red.

As we are nearing the completion of the second decade of the 21st century, where most of us use smartphones to research products, compare prices before making purchases, searching for the best deals in a single click, technology has indeed become an invaluable partner. There is an app for everything, from counting calories to monitoring sleep pattern to planning one’s entire day setting reminders for special occasions and also giving you suggestions on how one could celebrate them.

Why not download an app to plan your expenses, manage all your bills and ease the traffic in the numerous thoughts that clutter in your mind on your way to work. You could always be sure that your personal receipts and bills are secure and retrievable from a cloud server, anytime in a single click. That’s where “NumReceipt” can help you – to manage your expenses and your bills.

"What the world really needs is more love and less paperwork." - Pearl Bailey

Irrespective of an amazing proposal or a life changing break up, life still goes on. One has to Let go…of all the could’ve and should’ve in emotional as well as practical sense.

We as humans tend to shower our loved ones with gifts. When it comes to that special person in our life, we really do not have a second thought and expenses seem nothing. We are ready to inscribe “all for him/her” in every penny. When the realization dawns that this person is not the right one, we contemplate our own actions and wonder how much money/time we have spent – “all for him/her”. But it is certainly worth taking the risk of falling in love all over again to eventually find the right one and then enjoy the relationship nurturing its beauty.

We would like to put forth a striking proposal for the D-Day, the 14th of February. The risk of falling in love is yours, and the responsibility of tracking your expenses this Valentine’s Day is ours! Never regret losing receipts or tracking your expenses. The right one always appreciates that you are in control of your expenses and NumReceipt can help you to be in control.

Our OCR implemented NumReceipt Tracker application is available both in Android & iPhone. Download today!

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Wishing you a happy journey with pleasant thoughts. Count your roses. Leave the counting of money to us!!!



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